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Change In Directors

A company is a legal entity and does not have any physical existence. It can act only through natural persons to run its affairs. The person, acting on its behalf, is called Director. A Director is any person, occupying the position of Director, by whatever name called. They are professional men, hired by the company to direct its affairs. But, they are not the servants of the company. They are rather the officers of the company.

So long as a person is duly, appointed by the company to control the company’s business and, authorized by the Articles to contract in the company’s name and, on its behalf, he functions as a Director.The act has prescribed the minimum number of the Directors to be appointed in their Board.A Private Limited Company is required to have a minimum of two Directors and a Limited Company is required to have a minimum of three Directors. On the other hand, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has Designated Partners and Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 requires each LLP to have a minimum of two Designated Partners

Documents Required

  • DSC of the Director (if already have)
  • Board Resolution
  • Consent of the Director

Cost Breakdown

Add A Director

ROC From Filing Fees300
Professional Fees1899

Remove A Director

ROC Form Filing Fees600
Professional Fees2399

Procedure For Registration

Obtaining The Information

  • The procedure for changing the Directors of a company depends on whether it a appointment or resignation. Our Experts will advice you on the procedure relevant for you.

Document Review & Completion

  • Our team will gather all the relevant documents required from your side and draft the necessary resolutions to start the process.

Document Submission

  • After the review of all the documents required, we will submit them to the MCA and will get approved by the ministry

Frequently Asked Questions

In how many companies a person can be appointed as a director?

A person can hold office as a director in maximum 20 companies provided the maximum number of public companies in which a person can be appointed as a director shall not exceed 10.

How many directors can a company add?

A company can appoint maximum of 15 directors. A company can appoint beyond the number of 15 only by passing a special resolution.

Does a director need any special qualifications?

The act does not provide any qualification for directors, but the AOA of company can stipulate the qualification of director. The act only specified the qualification shares for the directors of public or private company to be Rs.5000.

In what circumstances a woman director is required to be appointed as a director?

When it is a public company and,
Company’s paid up capital is one hundred crore rupees or more

Can I resign from the post of director?

Yes, you can resign at any time by serving the notice to the company.

What are the grounds for disqualification of a director?
  • Unsound mind
  • Convicted by the court of any offense
  • Declared insolvent
  • Disqualified by an order passed by a court or tribunal