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Alteration of object clause

An Object is a important thing that is specified during the incorporation of the company in the Memorandum of Association. In certain cases there would be a need for alteration of object clause. The Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the Company consist the clauses like name Clause, Objective Clause, Registered office Clause, Liability Clause, Share Capital Clause. The above mentioned five clauses can be altered anytime with the help of a resolution passed to the board or the shareholders as the case may be.

Alteration of memorandum of association is governed under section 13 of companies act 2013 under which alteration of MOA can be done by passing a special resolution in the company, hereinafter the altered MOA along with the relevant resolutions and documents are duly submitted to the ROC for the approval. It should be hereby noted that only legal objects are allowed to be pursued by the company.

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Advantages of Change Company Object



The change in the object of the company provides the new value in the market that the company is going to focus on.



The goals will be set with the main and ancillary object where the ancillary would aid in accomplish the primary goal.



The brand will get attention as the paper ads are published and the public awareness would be given.

Documentation for for Alteration of MOA in MCA


Board Resolution


Special Resolution


Previous MOA/AOA


DSC of Directors


Proposed object clause


Notices/Explanatory Statement



Process involved in registering a Alteration of MOA in MCA



Proposed Objects



Preparation of documents



Object clause Approval

FAQs About MOA alteration

Can the object be changed without General Meeting?
No that is not possible as the shareholders are considered as a integral part of the company and its growth, hence the General Cabin approval is as important as the Board Meeting.
What are the things a General meeting should contain ?
The money transactions done. Reminding Money. The actual change to be induced. Reasons for the change to be introduced. The burn in cost to be spent for the new object. The insight for the new plan.
What are the clauses divided into ?
Name Clause Registered Office clause Object Clause Liability Clause Capital Clause
What is a MOA ?
A Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a legal document prepared in the formation and registration process of a limited liability company to define its relationship with shareholders.
What is an object clause?
The Object clause is one the important thing that is mentioned in the MOA, it defines the primary niche and the business activity that a business belongs to. The object can be divided into primary and the ancillary object. The primary Object would remain the main focus and the ancillary object would act as a method to aid the company steer and achieve the primary object.
Why object change of company is done ?
When the company needs to pivot to new activities. Incase the shareholders are not pleased with the current niche the company is in and the revenue generated in the company then if they need to venture into other stream, an object clause change is a must to stay legal.

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