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Copyright Objection Response

Copyright is the legal authority, which safeguards the originality of the work. Copyright can be obtained in respect of literacy, dramatic, artistic and musical work. When a person executes his work in the form of writing, advertising, reproducing original work, distributing work and so on. And, if any person undertakes his authorized work without any permission that it called copyright infringement. In such a case of copyright infringement, the owner of the copyright has a right to initiate a legal step against this vulnerability. If a person unknowingly reproduces or distribute author work, then such offense is deemed as the criminal offense. When a owner or author files a copyright application to the copyright registry, the department scrutinizes the complete application and in case of any discrepancies issues a copyright discrepancy letter also commonly called as copyright objection reply.

The most common reason for copyright objection is the result of similarities found in the application or already published by some other author earlier or any mistake in the application else not receiving the proper documents and many more. From the day you file the copyright application, the objection may arise anytime. Examiner examines your copyright application, in case if he comes across the copyright objection. He will notify you and ask for clarification. It is legally obligated to reply to the copyright objection notice, and if the examiner doesn’t get any acknowledgment from your side within a stipulated period, the examiner will cancel your copyright registration.

At Unilex consultants we can make a valid response to the legal copyright objection letter on behalf of yourself. All you need is to do, just share your issues with our professionals and the rest is their responsibility to resolve all your issues hassle-free.

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What are the rights of a copyright holder?

    - Right to reproduce the copyrighted work: This is one of the greatest benefits that come with copyright. No other person has a liability to reproduce the author work, even scanning and photocopy can cause objection.
    - Right to make adaption or new copies: No other person has permission to make new companies until he/she receives approval from the author side.
    - Right to distribute: The Only author has a right to distribute his work around the globe. Furthermore, he can also give permission to another person to distribute work. Along with that, he has a common right to prevent his work from unauthorized distribution.
    - Right to work performs publically: The copyright holder has a right to perform work publically. He can use any platform to expand his work.

FAQs About objection of copyright

What is copyright objection?
Copyright objections refer to the situation when an examiner declines your copyright application due to some reasons. The reason can be republishing, reproducing, and distributing, scanning, advertising work without taking permission from the author.
How long does one to wait to validate any objection?
After filling the objection reply, an applicant has to wait for 30 days for a response.
What happens after filling of reply to examination report?
The objection reply is posted to the copyright department, once the reply is received by the examiners they will review your reply and will proceed with registration.

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