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Employer Registration with ESIC

ESI Stands for Employees’ State Insurance. The Employees’ State Insurance - ESI is embodied in the embodied in the Employees State Insurance Act. The ESI is established to protect the employees as per the Employees State Insurance Act, 1948. It basically deals with the self- financing social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers. ESIC registration covers against the against the impact of incidences of sickness, maternity, disablement and death due to employment injury and to provide medical care to insured persons and their families.

The Scheme has been extended to shops, hotels, restaurants, cinemas including preview theaters, road-motor transport undertakings and newspaper establishments employing 10 or more persons (in some states it is 20). The Scheme has been extended to Private Medical and Educational institutions employing 10 or more persons in certain States and Union Territories.

At Unilex Consultants we provide you a hassle free ESIC registration process which would be dealt by our professionals within a time frame of 3-4 working days subjective to governmental processing time. Our team takes care of the documentation and aids in provide you the realistic estimation of cost.

Advantages of of ESIC registration



All of the medical scenarios are covered in the ESIC policy with the treatment carried over with proper modern techniques and equipment, it would cover anything between falling sick to maternity or accidents.



Sickness Benefit represents periodical cash payments made to an IP during the period of certified sickness occurring in a benefit period when IP requires medical treatment. The amount that is given is taken from the money that is contributed for the welfare insurance on monthly basis.



The benefit is payable in cash to an insured woman for confinement / miscarriage or sickness arising out of pregnancy / confinement or premature birth of child or miscarriage. Thus covering the medical needs pertaining to women.



The Act provides for cash payment, besides free medical treatment, in the event of temporary or permanent disablement as a result of employment injury as well as occupational diseases. This would cover both for workplace conditions or personal conditions causing the disablement.



In case of the person who has been entitled for the insurance passes away, the person who relied on them would be reaping the benefits for support. Pension at the rate of 40% more than the Standard Benefit Rate will be paid periodically to widow.



Funeral benefit is a cash payment payable on the death of an insured person towards the expenses on his/her funeral, the amount not exceeding Rs.2,500.

Documentation for for ESIC


Copy Of PAN


Mobile Number & Email Id:


Digital Signature in the name of Employer


Address Proof of Registered office of the Company


Any License or certificate issued by government Authority


Proof of setup of Establishment


Details of Employees including Name, Address, Date of Joining, Age, gender, mobile no. etc.


image Bifurcation of Salary structure of every employee



Process involved in registering a ESIC Registration



Create Login ID

1 Working Day



Register Digital Signature Certificate

Same Day



Document Submission

1 Working Day

Why go with ESIC Registration :

Provides the financial stability for the employees who work under the organisation.
Payment to the eldest surviving member of the family of an insured person who has died.
The Employees would have better working culture as it gives them the peace of mind.
The government provides the managing features for the funds.

Unique Features of of Employer Registration with ESIC

    - It is a state law driven system, hence there might be variations based on the local state laws.
    - It helps in protecting the manpower of industries.
    - The employees must be enrolled under the scheme by the organization to avail the benefits that are mentioned in the Act.
    - Provides a better and safer work experience for the employees.
    - ESI scheme is a type of social security scheme for employees in the organised sector.
    - Periodical payments to any insured person.

FAQs About ESIC Registration

What is ESI Scheme?
It is a comprehensive Social Security Scheme designed to accomplish the task of socially protecting the ’employees’ in the organized sector against the events of sickness, maternity, disablement and death due to employment injury and to provide medical care to the insured employees and their families.
Who administers the ESI Scheme?
The ESI Scheme is administered by a corporate body called the ‘Employees’ State Insurance Corporation’ (ESIC), which has members representing Employers, Employees, the Central Government, State Government, Medical Profession and the Parliament. The Director General is the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and is also an ex-officio member of the Corporation.
Whom will it not be applicable to ?
Any employee who has over 15000 worth of net salary on monthly basis would not be eligible and the organization can apply for ESIC if their employees count is more than 20 in nature.
How does the scheme help the employees?
The scheme provides full medical care to the employee registered under the scheme during the period of his incapacity for restoration of his health and working capacity. It provides financial assistance to compensate the loss of his/ her wages during the period of his abstention from work due to sickness, maternity and employment injury. The scheme provides medical care to his/her family members also.
Is there a nominee specified ?
Yes. a dependent person can be specified and they can get the benefits after the insuring person has passed away.
What are Cash Benefits of ESIC ?
Sickness Benefit (@70% of wages for 91 days) Disablement Benefit (for self) Temporary @ 90% of last wages as long as last Permanent disablement @ pro rata loss of earning capacity lifelong Maternity Benefit (@ 100% of wages for 12 weeks) RGSKY for unemployment (50% of last wages for 1 year) Dependent benefit (@ 90% of wages) Funeral Expenses (Rs 10000/-)

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