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Letter Of Undertaking

All the registered taxpayers who export the good or service now they have to fill LUT bond in order to make exports without paying IGST. The LUT stands for a letter of undertaking is to be given by the owner/managing director/working employee/proprietor of an entity in case such an entity is doing exporting business. As per the Rule, 96A read with CGST notification No. CGST-37/2017 dated 04.10.2017. Every exporter who exports goods and services out of India can supply without paying IGST through furnish this LUT bond. Initially, the export bond is available for the exporters. To make hassle-free exporting business government has provided the option of filling GST LUT/export bond for exporters to perform export business without paying IGST. Under this letter, an exporter declares he/she would submit all the requirements prescribed under the GST while exporting without paying IGST. All the GST registered exporters can utilize this LUT bond service that backed by the government except the exporters who have been charged in any offense or break any existing law of exporting. Exporters can also pay IGST on export and submit LUT after then claim a refund for the same.

Any registered taxpayers who are sending out products or services is qualified to utilize L UTs. If an individual who has been indicted for tax avoidance for a measure of Rs. 2.5 crores or above are not qualified under the act to outfit LUTs. Plus, the legitimacy of such LUTs is for a period of one year (till the end of the financial year). Though, an exporter furnishing LUT's are required to furnish fresh LUT for each financial year. If in case of t, the referenced conditions in LUT are not fulfilled within a stipulated time, the benefits are disavowed and the exporter should furnish bonds.

Considering a law firm to furnish LUT bond for exporting goods and services is a great decision. Unilex consultants will help you in furnishing LUT bond hassle-free. Our legal advisors will provide the best advice and fill all the formalities in LUT bond on behalf of your company. So, if you are looking for a legal advisor who can prepare LUT bond for you, feel free to contact us and apply online.

Documentation for Letter of undertaking


Cover letter requesting acceptance of LUT


Invoice summary against export sales and get it certified from CA.


PAN of the entity


Copy of IEC Code


Other documents listed in the form.

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FAQs About Export under GST

What is the meaning of the term of LUT?
Export without paying IGST can be made only after furnishing LUT bond. The government has released this notification for the exporters who export goods and services to another country. Exporters can make the payment of IGST at the time of filling LUT bond and then claim the refund later.
What is to be filled in LUT bond?
In the letter undertaking bond you have filled your legal name and need to select the financial year for which LUT is being filled. Enter the legal names of the two witnesses and their addresses and occupations. Along with that taxpayers also need to choose all the points of self-declarations before submitting the LUT bonds.
How would I know the process of LUT bond has been completed?
Once you fill all the details successfully, the system will generate ARN and acknowledgment. You will be acknowledged through the SMS at your phone and a pdf of acknowledgment at your email.
What will happen if a tax official doesn’t process the LUT applications?
In case, if the application of LUT bond is not proceeded by the tax office within 3 working days then the status of the application will be changed to “deemed approved”. On the GST portal, taxpayers will generate an order copy and order will be available for the taxpayers in the downloadable form.
Can a taxpayer raise request from GST portal to enable LUT?
NO, taxpayers can raise the request from GST portal to enable LUT. Either they have to communicate with the LUT officer physically or take the help of a legal advisor who will resolve their issues effortlessly.
Can I view my LUT application after filling?
Yes, you can able to use LUT application after filling by following these steps, the services> user services view my submitted LUT.

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