Advantages of private company registration

If you have a new product and you want to start a business, it is important that you register the brand, because in this way you can guarantee that nobody else will copy what you have created. In this article, we share with you some advantages of registering a brand. You do not need to register your private company to start operations. All you have to do is provide your product or service. But private company registration will be the smartest choice that as a new entrepreneur you can have, for several reasons. You may think that registering your company does not incur more than expenses, but maybe you have that thought because you do not know the benefits of being a legal company; here are the benefits of registering my private company;

For example, imagine that you are the owner of a company called "wingo" that provides vehicle painting services. When you created your company, you made the mercantile registration and obtained a tax registration number with which you invoice your customers and pay taxes, but you did not know that you should register your brand. When we started our own business project, either as an independent or as an entrepreneur, on numerous occasions we created a script of the steps to follow to bring our project to fruition and we forgot things, a priori, unimportant. One of these things we are talking about is the registration of the brand that we have just created and today, we want to tell you about the advantages of registering your brand from the beginning of the activity.

Differentiation is synonymous with trust

One of the most important things in a business is to know how to differentiate and, in many cases, we look for differentiation in a big way without realizing that in the small details you can also see the difference. Registering your brand is synonymous with involvement in your project, with the desire that nobody can confuse your product or your services with similar ones in the competition, creating a brand is creating an identity trace and a way for your potential clients to recognize you quickly.

All this involvement generates confidence in your present and future clients.

Register your private company grants you protection

In the age of new technologies, the feeling that "borrowing" what our friend Google gives us is not synonymous with stealing, registering your brand gives you unparalleled legal protection. Today, the law does not require registering a trademark but it is true that only registering the trademark will allow you to use it exclusively and, therefore, the right to take legal action against anyone who uses your trademark or imitates it. Registering your brand protects you in the opposite direction that is, not falling precisely in creating a brand that can be confused with another previously registered and that you have plagiarism problems.

Registering your brand helps you financially

An entrepreneur must be characterized as having a vision of the future, you should not think about what your brand is today but what it can become. A brand, although it cannot be touched as such, is a movable property and that, therefore, can be appraised and has value as property. This leads us to register a brand allows us to be an important part of the value of your company and with it obtain, for example, financing or, in the future, revalue the sale of the business. Also, if you decide to expand your business, registering your brand is essential, because thanks to this, you can create licenses or franchises of it so that third parties can use your brand. As you can see, something that can go unnoticed for many as it is to register your brand can bring you many advantages in the near future.

Register your brand is within reach of anyone

Contrary to what you may think, registering your brand is within the reach of any entrepreneur, from an minimal cost you can have your trademark registered nationwide. it may be the best investment of your life!

  • First of all, you have legal protection with respect to the brand, guaranteeing you the exclusive right to use it to identify goods or services for a renewable period of 10 years indefinitely.
  • You can take advantage of and assign rights to a brand to third parties through licensing agreements.
  • By registering your trademark, you will impede the attempts of unfair competitors to use similar distinctive signs.
  • Criminal actions can be taken against third parties for malicious use and obtain confiscation of counterfeit merchandise.
  • It also grants civil actions for damages compensation for the unauthorized use of its brand.
  • In turn, actions or lawsuits opposing an application for registration or nullity to a registration already granted are granted, so that the owner of a trademark registration has the possibility of preventing a third party from registering a similar or identical trademark for the same or related coverage. If you have not opted in time, you can also try to cancel a trademark granted.
  • Protection through trademark registration allows individuals and companies with skills and initiative to produce and market goods and services in the fairest possible conditions, thereby encouraging international trade.
  • Exclusivity regarding the material that counts in the registry.
  • Security with respect to not invading rights of third parties, since you guarantee that after an affirmative review no one else can claim that you use your brand since it has been certified that you are the exclusive owner of it.
  • Increase the value of your company, since the brands are subject to valuation and thus increase the equity value of said entity favouring you.
  • It grants the possibility of licensing or franchising the brand since licenses or franchises can be granted so that, in exchange for royalties, it is a third party who uses the brand, either in the whole country or in previously designated territories.

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