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BIS stands for the Bureau of Indian Standards. It is the national body that operates a product certification scheme to maintain the quality, safety, and reliability of the products in India. Importers cannot dispatch electronic products without taking the permission of the BIS. Every company importing electronics products like smartphones, LEDs and laptops in the country is required to register with BIS for clearance. No matter, whether you are a foriegn importers or Indian manufacturer, you need to follow the rules of the BIS when it comes to selling electronic items in the country. So, BIS registration is mandatory for all electronic products which are listed in the Compulsory Registration Scheme and get to be sold in India. 

At, Unilex Business Consultant we would help you regarding the BIS registration process. We are one of the independent bodies is engaged in providing consultancy services to all individuals. Our consultants are seasoned experts in the field of providing certification and registration process. We know the importance of time while dealing with our clients, and that’s why we put our heart and soul to meet our delivery time commitment. We have a team of expert CA, who are readily available to help you regarding any legal services that you are seeking. 

Above all our efforts, we strive to maintain the quality of standard and high-level confidentiality right from communication to the documents. 

Document required for BIS registration: 

  • Legal address and proof of factory. 
  • Trademark registration copy. 
  • List of machinery. 
  • List of equipment. 
  • The organizational chart of the factory. 
  • Documents of authorizing Indian Representative. 

Registration Process of BIS:

Contact BIS consultant: Feel free to contact to Unilex Business Consultant for BIS registration. 

Choose a plan: Choose the plan that perfectly matches your requirements. Usually, all our prices are transparent. Our consultant would love to assist regarding BIS registration process. 

Get a list of documents required: Unilex Business consultant will be emailing you all the mandatory documents and procedures to get your BIS registration. You are required to reply on the same mail with the documents. 

Process: As soon as the Unilex Business Consultant receives your documents they will send the same to the testing laboratory and BCI certification for approval. 

Payment process: Once we receive your documents. Complete the relevant process as required and payment as well so that we can submit your application right away after that. 

Get you BIS certification: Yes, you will the BIS certification and other relavant things at your email ID. Now you can import/ export electronic items hassle-free. 

Advantages of BIS registration:

The customers will get the quality and standard products with the certification as there is a full assurance of it even a proper investigation. 

Once the certification is obtained, it increases brand credibility and impresses your target customers. 

It is one of the most widely accepted policies, you can make a reputation in the eyes of the customers easily. 

Once the certification is obtained, it gives the impression that the quality product is entirely assured. 

Frequently asked question of BIS registration:

Q1 Do you require BIS certification for import/ export electronic products?

Yes, it is mandatory to opt for BIS certification if you are dealing with importing or exporting of electronic products. BIS is a national body that has set some rules and regulations for the individuals who are manufacturing, importing and selling electronic items. In the event, if you deny following their rules and regulations you will face heavy penalties and punishments. To provide safe and reliable goods and services to the customers, BIS has been providing tangible and traceable benefits to the national economy. The products which are covered under quality control order shall conform to Indian Standard which makes mandatory to have BIS certification. So, if you are dealing with importing/exporting electronic items then it is advisable to have a BIS certification. 

Q2 What are the guidelines for BIS registration for importer and trader? 

BIS registration is issued to manufacturing units only and thereby no importer or trader can get it in their own name. All importers and traders need to get BIS registration for their separate manufacturing unit before putting in their request for booked electronic things. They can start and arrange the procedure of BIS registration for their particular assembling unit. 

Merchant/ trader asks for assembling unit to BIS registration in their (importer’s/traders’) mark name. 

Q3 What is the timeline to grant of BIS certification?

The average time taken to grant of BIS certification under option 2 is generally one month and option 1 four months from the date of receipt of completed application and its recording. It may vary for reasons like delay in response in queries; if any organization inspection, sample deposition, and fee dues etc. 

Q4 What is the validity of BIS certification?

BIS certification under scheme 1 may be granted initially up to two years which is valid only for varieties mentioned in certification. For extension of validity and varieties covered in the license, application with requisite fee and documents under the existing license is required to be submitted. The license may be renewed upto five years from the last date of validity. 

Q5 What are the guidelines for marketing labels? 

Importers/ exporters/ manufacturers make sure that each product should have clear stamping which can’t be removed, cannot be washed and cannot be scratched by ordinary exertion. It encouraged to make it either by printing or emblazoning on the item. 

Following data must be said on stamping mark:

  • Name of product. 
  • Brand name. 
  • Show number. 
  • Power rating output. 
  • Made in country name. 
  • Name of manufacturer. 

Other data on stamping mark is discretionary and can be said according to items’ individual necessity. 

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