FSSAI Login & Renewal; How to Create

FSSAI stands for Food Safety Standard Authority of India that aims to establish to maintain the food quality levels in order to ensure safety and providing great satisfaction to the consumers. The objective of this scheme to update food safety standard and promote public health. The work in focused for helping the Authority in better understanding the related food issues. It is mandatory for all food business operators like manufactures, retailers, distributors, and storage house to get FSSAI license. FSSAI is also promotes training programs for individuals who indulge in food businesses. Hence, the main function of this authority to provide and promote food safety and food standard.

The FSSAI located in five regions that are listed below:

•    Northern Region- The main head office is in Delhi.

•    Southern Region.

•    Eastern Region.

•    Western Region.

If you are running a food business and you have FFSAI license it ensure that you are supplying food with keeping safety measure on the mind. So, the food business operators who want to ensure their customers that the food is being produced is safe and healthy, they have to register their business at FSSAI and create an FSSAI login. In this blog, we will provide you the whole information about FSSAI login.

Steps to create FSSAI Login:

Step1: First and foremost click on the official website of FSSAI license https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/index.aspx

Step2: When you click on the website you will find FSSAI license web page. In this web page you will get two section one is “existing user login” and “sign UP”. If you have already made an account then insert your user ID and password or if you are a new user click on the sign-up icon.

Step3: This step for the new users. Click on the sign-up button and enter all the details of your food business operator. These details include an applicant name, applicant’s company name, address of the food business, email-ID, mobile number, etc. Keep in mind, insert the correct details and create a password that easy to remember.

Step4: In case, if the created user-ID and password make issues like the password has already used or doesn’t comply with the FAFSA I regulation password eligibility. Create a strong password and save it somewhere to remember.

Step5: Once your account is successfully created, you will receive a notification on your mobile number and email ID. Once you have done all the formalities of the FSSAI login, now you can apply for FSSAI license after 30 days.

Step6: Finally, you will receive your login credentials at your email ID. Keep in mind take the screenshot of the mail. Though FSSAI website offers to forget password option with high security.

Step7: Along with the credentials you will receive thank you for FSSAI registration mail.

How to renew FSSAI License?

As per the guidelines of FSSAI every food business operator has to apply for FSSAI renewal 30 days before the expiry of the current food license. The initial validity of food license is chosen by the food operator is up to 1 year to 5 years and as per the fee is decided.

Things to keep in mind before food renewal:

•    It is recommended that follow the procedure for FSSAI renewal carefully to avoid further consequences like penalty and trouble in future business operation. Thus, it is advisable to renew the food license on time to avoid penalties.

•    After starting an FSSAI renewal process, a warning message appears on the window “Are you sure you want to apply for the renewal of the food license? And if you click OK and don’t successfully complete the task then you will be listed on the homepage as an incomplete application.

The procedure of FSSAI License Renewal:

Here we will discuss the procedure of FSSAI license very deeply.

•    FSSAI license is renewed by filing Form A  ( for renewal of basic food registration) or Form B ( for renewal of the state/central license).  Both have to be filled with the correct signature of the food operator.

•    FSSAI license renewal is accomplished when you submit your photo ID along with the form.

•    The application is completed when you submit an audit report/ certificate regarding food safety management system.

•    Then file the form no. IX- Form of the nomination of persons of the company has to be filled in the required format.

•    Once the received by the FSSAI authority. The food inspectors will examine your report and if needed then arrange an inspection at your office.

•    A food renewal process takes less than 60 days. In case, if it takes more than 60 days, you will surely receive a notice from the authority.

What if the licenses are not renewed in an allotted time?

In case, if the FSSAI unable to respond you back within the stipulated time which 60 days. They will acknowledge you by mail. But, the application of FSSAI renewal is not filled in an allotted time then you have to pay Rs. 100 per day. Therefore to avoid the penalty, renewal on time is necessary. Apart from the penalty, there are also some challenges that food operator have to face like no other food investor is interested in meeting any such chaos. Hence, it is necessary to get the FSSAI license renewal on time because a little ignorance can be pressed issues for the business owner.

How we can help you?

An unilex consultant can be your best platform to solve all your issues related to food license online registration or food license renewal. Whatsoever is an issue you are facing right now, without thinking much feel free to contact us. From the best of the knowledge, we will simplify your issues and give you the utmost results. At Unilex consultant, we provide you the comprehensive solutions related to the food license and guide you in the right direction. If you want FSSAI license in a quick and convenient fashion then get in touch with us. Once everything will go effortlessly then the applicant can happily carry on business.

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