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What is Halal registration? 

In a Arabic term the meaning of Halal is “ Permitted” or “Lawful”. Therefore, in relation to edible products. This term refers that these products are permissible for consumption and used by the muslims. Halal certificate from the islamic organization enhance the brand value and ensure your customers’ that they are eating healthy food products. The certified halal food products are not only accepted domestically but also marketable worldwide. It is estimated that 10%-70% muslims only eat halal certified products in India. Today’s Halal trademark is a crucial marketing tool it only helps you to receive credibility but also lead the sales. Muslim consumers will have a greater confidence in purchasing such products without questioning its authenticity. Manufacturers who don’t have a halal certification can lose potential consumers around the world. 

Halal certification is provided in India by Halal Certification Bodies in India. There are various Halal bodies and few are listed below-

  • Halal Indian Private Limited. 
  • Halal certification services India private limited. 
  • Jamait Ulama E-Maharashtra- a state unit of Jaimat Ulama- E-Hind. 
  • Jamait Ulama-i-Hind Halal Trust. 

Unilex Business Consultant will assist you with the halal consultation to get your establishment. Our professionals will help you regarding hala trade event, and halal corporate seminar. Along with that we can offer you advice on halal e-commerce since we have great knowledge and experience in halal consulting services. 

We are one of the leading Hala consultancy service providers, whose professionals are readily available to help you regarding halal registration. We believe in helping our clients to obtain halal certification. If you are  looking for a renowned halal certification service providers in Noida, you can just write to us at our email ID or call us via phone number. 

Documents are required for halal registration:

  • Company letterhead, duly signed by the boards of directors. 
  • Products details like ingredients, and process. 
  • Company address. 
  • Copy of permanent account number.
  • Certificate of incorporation. 
  • Details of plants and machinery. 


Contact to Halal consultant: Feel free to contact to Unilex Business Consultant. As soon as we receive your halal registration request, our professional will assist you. 

Choose a plan: Choose the plan that perfectly matches with your requirements. Usually all our prices are transparent. Our professional are readily available to help you regarding halal registration. 

Get a list of documents: Unilex Business Consultant will email you a list of documents and the procedure to apply for halal certification. You are required to reply on the same email with the list of documents. 

Process: As soon as we receive a list of the documents we will move further to complete the process and ask you to pay the process fee. Once we receive a payment we can submit your application at halal association of India. 

Get your Halal certification: Once everything will be done successful we will email you the Halal certificate along with the relevant things. 

Advantages of Halal certification:

  • Makes the business or products marketable to over 2 billion people across the world. 
  • Use of the halal logo on the products assure that consumers are having healthy products. 
  • Improve the quality of the food and business performance. 
  • You can easily export and import food products if you are a halal certified food manufacturer. 
  • In terms of food safety, every food organization must obtain for halal registration. 
  • Increase the marketability of the products in the muslim countries. 
  • It imposes the quality of standard and cleanliness behaviour of the association. 

Frequently asked questions on halal registration:

Q1 What is halal? And why i should opt for halal registration. 

Halal is an Arabic word which means “lawful”. Halal products are universal products not only suitable for muslim community but also for all communities, including non-muslim. The opposite of halal is haram, which means unlawful. The prohibited categories mentioned in the Quran. If a manufacture who are running meat production unit can opt for halal registration. This registration increase cleanness and quality in food and enhance its credibility. Most of all edible companies are halal certified due to its quality of standard. 

Q2 Which industries are eligible for certification?

Basic food, beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and toiletries, healthcare and chemicals industries are eligible for the halal certification. Food service facilities like hotel, cafes and restaurants can opt for halal registration. 

Q3 Which ingredients you should avoid after receiving halal certification?

  • Flavoring agents (non-halal ingredients). 
  • Enzymes (animal/microbial/ plants )
  • Anti-oxidants (animal or plant source)
  • Animal fat or protein (halal animal, hala slaughtered?)
  • Gelatin. 

Q4 What things halal logo ensures to the consumers?

It implies that food and drink are premissable for muslim consumption and are not harmful for health and doesn’t contain or containmenated by non-halal ingreditents. 

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