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What is ISI mark registration?

In India there are certain products that contain ISI mark on its packaging. But, many of us don’t know what the term is meant to be. ISI stands for Indian Standard Institute which is used to sell products in India. This mark ensures that the item affirms to the Indian Standard. This mark is created by the national standard body of India, Bureau of Standards (BIS). This mark is by far the most recognized certification mark in the Indian subcontinent. The ISI mark is compulsory for certifying products to be sold in India, like many of the electrical appliances. It has seven digits license number required by BIS. CM/L number is mandatory for all ISI marks otherwise; it will be punishable offense by law. 

ISI registration is compulsory  for all the certifying products sold in India. It means for better product quality and reliability of the company. If a product ISI mark it shows that the features and specifications of this product is satisfying the Indian standard quality. One of the significant advantages of having ISI mark on the products you can easily expand your business. If products don’t have ISI then it cannot be sold within the territory of India. 

At, Unilex Business Consultant, we will help you regarding availing a request  for ISO mark certification. Offering you a complete choice of services which include ISI consultancy service, and IS mark certification services. Offered services are organized by our dedicated professionals As we known for its clients- centric approach we will deliver our services within an expected time. 

Documents are required for ISI registration: 

  • Registration certificate of the company.
  • Receipt of property tax 
  • Insurance policy. 
  • If the property is rented, submitted the rent agreement. 
  • Telephone/ electricity bill. 
  • Government ID’s . 
  • List of manufacturing machineries. 
  • Copies of calibration certificates of testing equipment. 

Registration process:

Contact ISI consultant: Get in Touch with Unilex Business Consultant professionals for ISI registration process. 

Choose a plan: Unilex Business Consultants has designed various plans to cater to the needs of the clients. 

Get a list of documents are requirements: Email us all the documents that are used in the ISI registration process. Make sure the document you will send to us are legit. 

Process: As soon as we receive your documents we will send the same to  BIS office. 

Payment process: Once our professionals receives your documents. Complete the relevant process is required and payment as well so that we can submit your application right away after that. 

Get your ISI certification: You will get the ISI certification and other relevant things at your email ID. 

Advantages of ISI registration: 

The quality and standards of products of products with ISI mark are set up as this mark is issued after proper investigation. 

If you are satisfied with the quality of product with ISI mark, then company will give you new product in return to it. 

An action can be taken against the manufacturer of the product with ISI mark in case of bad quality. 

The ISI mark products has received better credibility in the market as well as long service life as compared to the products that do not have ISI mark. 

The manufactures can also reduce the losses with the reduction in rejection of the products due to bad quality. 

Frequently asked questions on ISI registration:

Q1 Is it mandatory to obtain ISI mark?

The government of India, BIS, makes mandatory to obtain ISI on certain products sold in India. These products include electrical appliances as well as industrial items. As per the BIS instruction, from September 2012 ISI is compulsory for certified steel products and steel items. 

Q2 What is the list of the products that requires ISI mark? 

Following are the products that require ISI mark before selling to the consumers- 

  • Kitchen appliances. 
  • Cement. 
  • Steel. 
  • Stainless steel plate. 
  • Clinical thermometer. 
  • Stoves. 
  • Steel wires and steel sheets. 
  • Batteries. 
  • Electrical motors 
  • Food products. 
  • Electrical transformers. 
  • Capacitors. 

Q3 What are the important points to consider of ISI mark registration?

The manufacturer must display on the bill that product is ISI mark certified. 

BIS keeps a check on manufacturers whether they are the ISI guidelines or not. 

If the quality of products is not up to the mark then complains in BIS. 

Q4 What is the registration process of ISI mark?

First and foremost you are required to select the product quality In the Indian Institute of Standard. 

  • Identify an ISI standard code of your product.
  • After choosing the product code, you need to fill out an application form that is (Form-V)
  • Upon successful submission of the form, an inspection team will reach at your factory to analyze and check the quality of the products. 
  • The inspection team will take some samples for further analyzation in BIS approved lab. 
  • Get the test lab report and submit it to BIS. 
  • After proper verification of the report BIS gives you ISI mark certification. 

Q5 How much time BIS takes to provide you ISI mark certification?

BIS takes 30 days from the date of the submission of the application form by the manufacturer. 

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