Some important faq's on company registration in India

1. Can the documents for company registration submitted online?

Yes, Documents are submitted online for the incorporation of company through SPICE+ e-  forms to the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA).

2. How many days will it actually take for the company incorporation certificate to come in hand ?

It will take atleast 8 to 10 working days for the Company incorporation certificate to come in Hand.

3. How many name can be filed at once for company incorporation in SPICE form?

Earlier there could be 6 names filed with form INC-1 but after company of the RUN e-form there can only be 2 names maximum be filed with one resubmission.

4. In how many days can I commence the business after company registration?

After receipt of certificate of Incorporation, you can commence your business at any time

5. Can I have a manager in my OPC?

Yes One person company can have manager other than director.

6. Can I give my home address as an office address for company?

Yes, You can provide your home address as your office address for company registration, the only thing is You will be required to provide address proof of your home.

7. Can this company be regarded as a real company if it is an online business start-up?

Yes, this Company will be regarded as real Company it does not matter whether it is online  business start up or offline business.  Certificate of Incorporation is the conclusive proof of reality of your Company.

8. Can I have the OPC as a Tech-StartUp?

Yes, you can have OPC as Tech- Start UP. The memorandum of association (MOA) will have the objects of technology and other related work.

9. Is it necessary to have a co-founder in the business?

No, it is not necessary to have co founder in business. One Person can also incorporate Company in the form of OPC registration.

10. What is stamp duty for company registration?

Company registration stamp duty varies state to state and also depends on the authorised capital of the company. Contact us for knowing the total government fees for the company formation.

11. Can company have more than one registered office address?

No, there could be only one registered office of the company, although the company can open one or more corporate offices.

12. In how many days the capital amount has to be deposited in company’s current account?

Within 30 days from the date of incorporation, the paid of capital amount has to be deposited in current account. The deposited amount could be withdrawn also from account for business use.

13. In how many days the auditor of the newly incorporated company has to be appointed?

Within 30 days from the date of incorporation, auditor has to be appointed and form ADT-1 has to be filed to intimate ROC about the appointment.

14. Can foreign national be appointed as director in Indian company?

Yes, he can be appointed as a director of a company after getting his Digital signatures and DIN.

15. Can company provide registered office proof after getting incorporated?

Yes, we can do so by filing e-form INC-22 within 30 days from the date of incorporation.

16. In how many forms a person can register a business in India?

In India a person can form a one person company (OPC), private company, public company, Limited liability partnership (LLP), section 8 company, partnership firm, trust, society.

17. Can I have your team as a legal partner?

You can have our team as your legal Partner always. Whenever you need us we will be there for all the legal Compliances of your company.         

These all are the answers of general queries. In case you need clarification of any other doubt you can freely ask us. We are there to help you always with necessary clarifications.


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