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Without any doubt, ISO is a crucial aspect of a business which determines the quality and standard of the products and services. Companies which are ISO certified has renowned image in the market. One cannot deny that the logo of ISO on products convey the strong sense of reliability, trustworthiness, and authenticity. International Organization of standard has set some guidelines and rules for the general usage of ISO logo. So, let’s get review those.

Why are the strict regulations for the usage of ISO Logo?

ISO trademark defines a confirmation for product quality, certainty, reliability, health safety and few other positive characteristics for the normal clients and customers. This is the motivation behind why the clients attracts towards the company which is ISO certified. However, as an apex authoritative body,  ISO’s concerned about how the ISO’s trademarks and logos are to be utilized by the certified bodies.

In the event of any unapproved use of the ISO trademarks would be found that could misguide the customers, and pass on fake notoriety in the market or can affect the reputation of the accredited entities.

What is the role of ISO in regulating the use of ISO logo?

The individuals from an ISO who are arranged ISO guidelines and situated in world wide have an authority to take an action in case they trace abusive use of logo which could misguide the customers. So, it is advisable to use the ISO logo on the right products which are good in quality.

Use Guidelines: ISO logo and short name.

For all other except ISO members and ISO technical committee, here are the some guidelines to help you from misguiding ISO trade’s mark.

ISO Logo:

  • Don’t use or copy the ISO logo.
  • Don’t modify or change the ISO logo.
  • Don’t use the modified and changed ISO logo.

ISO Short Name:

  • Don’t register ISO an in domain name, website or company name.
  • Don’t use ISO as in, your product or service name.
  • Don’t say that your products and services are certified by ISO
  • Don’t refer ISO to the full reference like ISO 9001:2015 update version.

Who can use the ISO logo?

As indicated by the ISO policies, the fundamental ISO logo (ISO+ logo design) is a registered trademark and utilization of ISO logo is on a basic level only to the ISO members,which means National Standard Institute which represent ISO in their respective countries.  ISO logo is not approved regarding certification since this would give the impression that an ISO that has carried out the certification or has approved it. On the other hand, ISO develops and maintains ISO international standards but doesn’t not carried out any certification.

How to identify the ISO logo?

Individuals can identify the ISO logo through its monogram which has a design of globe in a coloured background. The background colours may be blue, red or black. You can visit the official website of International Standard Organization to see the real logo of ISO.

Tips on using ISO Logo:

  • It is ordered that never use ISO’s logo.
  • Never adapt or modify ISO’s logo.
  • If you want to use logo, take the permission from your certification body to use its logo.
  • If your company is certified to ISO 9001:2008, use the full designation not just ISO 9001.
  • If your company is certified to ISO 14001: 2004, use the full designation not just ISO 14001.
  • Replace the use of generic term “ISO 9000 certification” and “ISO 14001 certification” by the specific term “ISO 90001:2018” and “ISO 14001: 2004” respectively.
  • In the ISO 9001:2008 and the ISO 14001:2004 contexts, “certified” and “registered” “Registration” and “Certification” in meaning and you can use either term.
  • Don’t say your organization has been “accredited”.
  • Don’t use “ISO certified” or “ISO certification”. Use instead “ISO 9001:2008 certification”, “ISO 14001”2004 certified”.  Or “ISO 14001:2004 certification”.
  • Don’t display ISO 9001:2018 or ISO 14001:2004 certification marks of conformity on products, product label, or product packing or in any way that may be interpreted as denoting product family.
  • When including a reference to ISO 9001:2018 or ISO 14001:2004 certifications in product-related information, including advertisement, do not do so in such a way that ISO 9001:2018 certification may be interpreted as being product certification
  • Be accurate and precise about the scope of your organization’s ISO 9001:2008 or ISO 14001:2004 certifications, as far as the both the activities and geographical locations covered by the certification and concerned.

Which logos can be used by the entities having an ISO certification?

The  users are permitted to utilize various logos that bear the complete reference of ISO standard which they have been granted on their trading credentials such as visiting cards, letterheads, brochures, and pamphlets, carton and boxes.  ISO imprints must be utilized in that manner by which they couldn't be deciphered as ISO logos in a single way. The short name must be utilized in a separation or given undue emphasis. Regardless, it is obviously impeccably passable to quote the reference number of the ISO standard as per which the item, the administration or the organization has been ensured.

For instance ISO 9001:2005 with the full reference out to be shown on characters of similar size and weight. In addition, the name of the certification body shall be mentioned in the communication as a way of tracing the certification back to them.

What kind of ISO standard logo can be used by the users of ISO certification?

Following are the types of ISO standard logo that can be used by users of ISO Certificate:

Replica of an ISO standard logo.

Modified or digitally edited ISO standard logo.

Any sort of artistic ISO standard icon.

To Conclude:

If you seek any sort of help regarding the ISO certification process, get in touch with us. At, Unilex Business Consultant, we support you regarding ISO certification implementation effortlessly.

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