What is the FSSAI License Guidelines for Health Drinks?

Not only in India but all over the world, awareness about health and fitness has increased to a significant extent. To intake nutrients, people are drinking several types of healthy drinks. These days, health drinks are quite popular, because it is the best way to complete nutritional deficiency. But at the same time, there are many controversies on health drinks manufacturing companies. As per the experts, the fake companies are instead of adding nutritional ingredients they are adding caffeine in their drinks to energize the human body and then many humans are suffering from various side-effects.

Role of FSSAI:

In India, FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standard Authority. It is an authority which is responsible to regulate food safety and ensure that FBO’s are manufacturing good quality of food products, which have no side-effects.  Furthermore, FSSAI also implements a variety of measure that helps in the elimination of hazardous and toxic elements in health drinks. If an FBO’s get an FSSAI license it indicates that he is offering good quality of drinks. It is imperative that food operators are using the best raw material and good techniques that help avoid food degradation so that it is totally safe for consumers to consume.

Every consumer has a responsibility to maintain the quality of food is provided to the consumers. To ensure that they are providing high quality and safe food they require FSSAI license, which says everything about the quality of food.  As lots of cases came up with consuming bad quality-based health drinks resulted in a damaging effect on consumers. It is mandatory for every health drink entrepreneur to avail the request for FSSAI license before launching products in the market.

The Reasons behind the Health Drinks FSSAI License were are mentioned below:

•    The authority had found that many health drinks contain unsafe elements that are ginseng and caffeine.

•    There was some variation in given quality of drinks and ingredients.

•    The food manufacturer was not able to furnish ingredients.

•    There was no safety evaluation was provided by global agencies like USADA, Codex, FSANZ, EU, and WHO.

FSSAI and its Inspection:

The major objective behind this authority was to regulate the safety measure of food products. Under the guidance of the Ministry of health affairs, this authority has made a high-quality benchmark to measure the quality of the food products. As a result, these measure results from each and every consumer are buying the standard quality of food that is healthy and safe and toxics-free. An FSSAI license is launched by the government to assure that consumers are getting quality of food. So, any FBO has to follow the regulations that set up by the FSSAI.


Why the FSSAI license norms are different for food products and different for drinks?

Before availing request for FSSAI license for health drinks it is very crucial to understand that the safety standard for food products are quite different from the safety standard for drinks. The major objective behind this safety standard is benchmarking safety measure. In the safety measure, there must be a strict prohibition against adulteration, false claims, and different misbehaviors to swindle the purchasers and play with their wellbeing. In the event that you are beginning to open a business of health drinks and ensure that you have an experienced food expert who will help you in taking FSSAI license and guide yours throughout the process. Unilex consultant is one of the leading company, which consult you regarding FSSAI license and execute all the legal requirements to get FSSAI license for your business.

FSSAI inspectors do inspection periodically to make sure that food companies are manufacturing high-quality food or not. So, to avoid penalties and save a company’s reputation it is important to maintain quality every time. If your business turnover is less 12 lac then you can apply for FSSAI registration and in case more than 12 lac and less than 20 cr. You should apply for FSSAI license.

Guidelines before applying for FSSAI license for health drinks:

Before applying for FSSAI license, please review the prerequisite list, which we have mentioned below.

1 There is a hazard test is conducted by the authority to ensure that ingredients the FBO’s are adding in the health drinks are safe for human consumption or not.

2 Basic breaking point can be built for each achievement and controlling point. Appropriate strategies must be pursued for the purpose of maintaining food production standards and verification procedures to affirm that corrective action has been taken.

3 Extensive training must be required to the workers so that they can understand the FSSAI guidelines and work on it effortlessly.

4 The quality check must be imparted by the distributors.

5 Acknowledge your consumers that they are consuming drinks are safe for health.

6 The raw material needs to place separate from the proceed food.

7 It’s a responsibility of the FBO’s to have relevant and high-end food control safety measures as it helps in recognizing adulterated drinks.  

8 Fruit content (m/m) and total soluble solids in the drinks is less than 10.0 percent.

9 Deceleration of fruit juice quantity on the carbonated fruits drinks is compulsory.

10 The latest amendment is released by the FSSAI is that if a fruit juice quantity in a beverage is under 10%, but above 5%, it will come in the category of carbonated fruit drinks.


 Final say:

I hope, now you understand why FSSAI license is necessary for the health drink businesses. To apply for this license food business owners have to go online on the FSSAI website, apply for the license/ registration and have to keep a check on the FSSAI application status as well.  Remember, if you feel difficulty while availing request for the FSSAI license. Feel free to contact us. Uniliex consultant is one of the renowned provider’s of legal solutions. Whether you need guidance for FSSAI online registration, FSSAI License, FSSAI renewal or so forth. We are just one call away from you. Our company is trusted by most reputed clients.


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