Nidhi Limited Company Registration

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Nidhi Company Registration

As a part of the Companies ACT 2013, a Nidhi Registered company is a non banking finance sector company. A Nidhi Company is put for the benefit of the members. The soul of the Nidhi Company function is to borrow and lend money between the members. A Nidhi registered company can also be called as a Mutual fund, Beneficial fund and Permanent fund company. Nidhi falls under the Non Bank Financial Company (NBFC) where the rules are governed by Reserve Bank of India (RBI), as a result of this RBI has the power to direct how the company accepts the deposit and as such. However, since Nidhis deal with their shareholder-members only, RBI has exempted such notified firms from the core provisions of the RBI Act and other directions applicable to NBFCs. It should contain Nidhi Limited in its name.

Presently law revised on 2014 governs the Nidhi Company rules, they are incorporated in the Public Registered Company. There is no need to clear any approval from RBI in order to incorporate a Nidhi Company, as RBI has specifically exempted this category of NBFC in India to comply its core provisions such as registration with RBI.

The concept of Money lending and borrowing between the members of an incorporation dedicated to this purpose solely, but not with the same set of rules and standardization. The process was conceptualized to inculcate the habit of savings and self reliance.

At Unilex Consultants we provide you a hassle free registration process which would be dealt by our professionals within a time frame of 10 days and is subjective to governmental processing time. Our team takes care of the documentation and aids in provide you the realistic estimation of cost.

Advantages of nidhi company registration



A LLP is a separate legal entity. LLP partners assumes limited liability only as per the law.



The company would exist in succession fashion as the governmental body treats it as a separate entity in terms of law.



The main reason many opt to go with Nidhi Corporation is that as the funding are circulated and dealt with the members alone and there is no outsider involved in the transaction there is no need of any sort of licensing from the end of RBI.



A Nidhi company scores better in terms of credibility as it falls under the central government directly unlike other mutual profit organizations.



Incorporating a Nidhi Company is easy as there is no complex licensing involved with RBI and the turnaround time are not that much either.



The main point of Nidhi Company is to channelize the deposit funds between the members and help them to be self reliant in terms of savings and other activities.

Documentation for nidhi company


Passport size Photograph


Copy of PAN Card


Copy of Electricity Bil


Sale Deed (if owned)


Copy of Aadhar Card


Address Proof (Bank Statement/Mobile/Telephone Bill)


Copy of rent agreement (if rented)






Process involved in registering a Nidhi Limited Company Registration



Getting sorted with Digital signatures

1-2 working days



Applying for the name

2-3 working days



Filling for the incorporation

3-5 working days

Requirements for nidhi company incorporation

    - A Nidhi company has to be incorporated as a public company with minimum 3 Directors.
    - It must have a minimum paid up equity share capital of Rs.5,00,000/-
    - Net owned funds to deposit ratio should not be more than 1:20
    - The name must have Nidhi Limited.
    - Minimum members at the end of first year must be not less than 200.
    - Company should keep at least 10% in the fixed deposit in any scheduled commercial bank.
Why go with Nidhi Company registration ?
To promote the habit of Saving and self reliant between the members.
When the members have funding to deposit but not as major as banking sector.
Have a business model among the members in the non banking sector field.
Have the equity capital with the concept dedicated to lending and borrowing among the people part of the incorporation.

Unique Features of nidhi company

    - Nidhi is the safest way to raise funds from public as soon as the are enrolled as members of the incorporation.
    - It is a mutual benefit structured approach.
    - It has the benefits of a public registered company
    - There is no individual identification verification done so anyone can be a part of the incorporation.

Things a Nidhi Company Registration | Incorporate Nidhi @ 4,1499/- should not indulge in

    - Any Nidhi company should not indulge in Chit funds, hire and Leasing finance.
    - Should not allocate any shares in name of any member as a favour.
    - Should not indulge in the process of having the power of other companies based on the securities withhold or manage the business with the control of directors.
    - There must be a minimum of 3 board directors.
    - Should not use any of the property belonging to the members as an safety asset of the incorporation.
    - Should not deviate from the only function of lending and borrowing.

FAQs About nidhi company registration

How long a company is valid to function ?
As long as the annual criteria is met it is perfectly fine for the company to run usually, if it fails to do so then it is termed as dormant company.
Who are eligible to invest in the company?
Only the members base count are allowed to invest in the company and nobody else can be an investor.
What are benefits and expectations from a Nidhi Company?
It is simple as to begin with in terms of process involved. No need of RBI licensing to start the incorporation. Need at least seven people to get started with. There must be a minimum of 3 board directors. The dealings of finance is limited to the members alone. The rate of interest should be reasonable in nature.
Is registering an office space required?
A company can operate from a residential address and it is not necessary for them to have an dedicated office.
Can it turn into a asset finance company?
No it is not legal and cannot be done as it does not fall under the rules for incorporating a Nidhi company
How is Nidhi Company Governed In India?
The rules, provisions, and regulations given in the Section 406 of the Companies Act 2013, and in the companies (Nidhi Companies) Rule of 2014, govern and regulate all Nidhi Companies in entire INDIA. Again the activities of Nidhi Companies fall under the ambit of RBI Directives which govern activities of NBFCs and other institutions dealing with financing and investment. RBI offers certain exemptions to the Nidhi Companies based on the fact that these Nidhi Companies deal only with its members, and with no outside people or investors

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