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Producer Company

A produce company is a type of company that would be indulging in the activities such as production of certain form of consumables, grading, handling / managing. The Producer Company registration also falls under the Provisions of Companies Act 2013. The latest rules are defined on the 2013 revision.

The producer company can also deal with the export of the goods that they have produced. The produced goods are a term to represent the farmed goods. A Producer company must only involve in the activities based for agriculture and post agricultural processing of the materials that were produced.

The lands available for farming in India are not laid out consistent across the nation and they are present as fragments across, hence by grouping the farmers and the farming lands under the producer company would avail more good and improve the livelihood of the farmers and gets better price in the market for the produced goods as a result of the pooling approach it give out overall.

At Unilex Consultants we provide you a hassle free registration process which would be dealt by our professionals within a time frame of 15-20 days and is subjective to governmental processing time. Our team takes care of the documentation and aids in provide you the realistic estimation of cost.

Advantages of producer company registration



The main reason that people go with producer company registration is that, the liability on the terms of company does not affect everyone and only the members with unpaid shares are affected.



As it is treated as a separate legal entity the company would continue to be functional even if some members are gone, the succession can be applied to keep the company running.



The business would get more recognition from general audience and is valued more as a result of the pooling of resources and more valid than proprietary or partnership route.



As the agriculture income is exempted under the Income Tax Act, therefore Producer Companies can also avail various tax exemptions under that head, depending upon the kind of agriculture activity they carry out.



The members can avail the loan from the company on the basis of security produced in the time of the need, and the proper assistant would be provided for the producer company by law.



Scaling is done in a very manageable format an the profits are high as the resources are pooled by sharing the lands even though they are spread across.

Documentation for producer company


Passport size Photograph


Copy of PAN Card


Copy of Electricity Bil


Sale Deed (if owned)


Copy of Aadhar Card


Address Proof (Bank Statement/Mobile/Telephone Bill)


Copy of rent agreement (if rented)



Process involved in registering a Producer Company Registration



Getting sorted with Director identification number and Digital signature

1-2 working days



Applying for the name

2-3 working days



Filling for the incorporation

3-5 working days

Requirements for farmer company

    - A Producer Company should have only equity share capital which constitutes a minimum paid-up capital of Rupees Five Lakhs.
    - There is no restriction on the maximum number of members of a Producer Company
    - At least 5 and not more than 15 directors.
    - A full time chief executive Officer should (CEO) be appointed by the board.
    - Minimum ten individuals or two producer institutions or any combination of ten individuals and producer institutions are required for forming a Producer Company.
Activities permitted to be carried by the producer company :

  • - Production, procurement, harvesting, pooling, grading, marketing, handling, selling and export of the primary produce of members.
  • - Then the post harvesting would be the processing stage that would involve all the activities required for the proper preserval of the food material.
  • - Sale of the equipments and pooling of resources for the betterment of the techniques involved.
  • - Delivering supplies and assistant for the farmers.
  • - The insurance can be provided for the primary produce.

FAQs About producer company

What is a producer company ?
A produce company is a type of company that would be indulging in the activities such as production of certain form of consumables, grading, handling / managing. The Producer Company registration also falls under the Provisions of Companies Act 2013. The latest rules are defined on the 2013 revision.
What are the main objects of a Producer Company?
As per the Companies it shall be production, harvesting, procurement, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, selling, export of primary produce of the members or import of goods or services for their benefit, processing the produce of members, manufacture, sale or supply of machinery, consumables, etc to members, providing education and other welfare activities for members, generation, transmission and distribution and distribution of power, revitalization of land and water resources.
What is the minimum number of members required?
There must be at least 10 members involved initially at the time of incorporation as it is a hybrid representation of registration. It has the properties of the private limited and as well as a society registration.
What are the activities does producer company deals with ?
The producer company deals with the the production, pooling, management and post production functions revolving around the farming.
Is there any Income Tax benefit of Producer Company?
Is there any Income Tax benefit of Producer Company?
Why go with Producer Company Registration ?
Provides a way to easily manage the produced goods. Would provide a way of better livelihood for the farmers involved in the direct production of the agricultural related products. Would be represented as a separate legal entity. The properties can be handled more precisely as they are grouped under one producer company despite being spread across without being consistent. The shares are only based out of equity basis alone.

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