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80G and 12A Registration

12A registration is a one-time registration that can exempt Income Tax of an organization. After this registration, all income cannot be taxed. 80G is a certificate that exempts you part or fully paying taxes if you have made a donation to charitable trusts or section 8 company or organizations that are registered to offer you exemption from the taxes. For an instance, Charitable association or trust enrolled under segment 12 AA, enables you to income tax charge exclusion under area 80G. There is anyway a most extreme admissible conclusion criterion. The criterion is if the total of the sum you give surpasses 10% of the complete gross salary, at that point the abundance sum won't qualify for tax benefits. 80G certificates advanced into law book in the year 1967-68 and it keeps on being to be an important tax saving certificate. The ideal role of 80G certifications to inspire donors to donate funds to the non-profit organization. With this certification, the donors will donate some of their salary to the non-profit organizations and reduce their tax liability hassle-free.

The income tax has the power to approve or reject both the certificate if they found any dissatisfactions towards the NGO activities. The organizations shall not be able to apply for an 80G certificate if they have linked with religious based and caste-creed activities. Section 80G and 12A is a big relief. NGOs do not have to pay tax for the entire lifetime if they get registered at 12A.

The procedure for obtaining the registration requires several steps and must be followed each and every step of the application very carefully and after submission of the department. The NGO receives notice of clarification from two and three months. The response to clarification is done by the consultant, who will visit the income tax department personally to follow up the status of the application. That’s why in this process, it is very necessary to hire a consultant who will execute work on behalf of you.

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Advantages of 80G and 12A registrations

Lifetime benefit

Registration under section 12A is one-time registration. Once the registration is granted to the trust, it will hold good till the cancellation. There are no criteria for renewal of the registration.

Tax benefits for the organizations

The 80 G not only offer benefits to the donors with the tax exemption on the amount donated but also give tax benefits to the organization.

The organization receives assets

All the non-profit organizations which issued 80G and 12A certificates will receive various grants from the government. They are eligible for receiving funding from the donors and other agencies.

Documents for 80G and 12A Registration

Details of the members of the NGO

Copy of the PAN card of the NGO

Copy details of the activities performed in the NGO

Copy of the inspection account last 3 years

Copy of the registration certificate of the NGO by law

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Procedure for taking 80G and 12A Registration


Send Documents

Mail us all the required documents that need while registering 80G and 12A certificates.

Fill the application form

Once we receive your documents we fill the applications forms.

Reply the clarification

We submit the response to the clarification to the income tax department.


When all the process is successfully executed from us and receive approval for the 80G and 122A we inform through email or phone.

FAQ’s About 80G & 12A Registration

  • Who can avail tax saving benefits under 80G?

    Anyone who is eligible for donating to the non-profit organizations can avail the benefits of tax exemption and the donation made to the trust can avail the tax saving benefits.
  • What cannot avail tax savings under sections 80G?

    • • If a person donates to the foreign trust cannot exempt the tax saving under section 80G.
    • • If a personally made donation one or more political party cannot avail the tax saving under section 80G.
    • • If the donation made by the salary then donor can claim for the tax exemption.
  • What are the documents required under 80G for claim deduction?

    • • Name, address and PAN number for the donation trust was made to.
    • • The amount donated should be mentioned in numeric value as well as words.
    • • A photocopy of the 80G certificate and the validity of the registration should also be mentioned in the receipt.
    • • It is important to mention registration number issued by the income tax department.
  • What are the modes of the payments are allowed for the tax deduction?

    The donation can be deducted from the salary and a donation receipt should be obtained on the name of the employer. Only cash and cheque donations are qualify.
  • What it is the eligibility for the 12 AA registration?

    As per the law, not every organization are not eligible for the 12A registration. Only Charitable Trusts, Religious Trusts, Societies and companies that come under Section 8 are eligible for 12A registration. 12A registration is not applicable for Private or Family Trust.


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