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DOT OSP License

The terms DoT and OSP expands to represent Department of Telecommunication and Other Service Providers. The other Service providers include Telebanking, Telemedicine, Tele- trading, Tele-E- commerce etc. These service providers can use the infrastructure that was built for communication purpose. As per the New Telecom Policy (NTP) of may 1999 the Other Service Provider licensing was provided provided for establishing call centres that service inside India and for countries elsewhere. After which the Network Operation Center as well as Vehicle Tracking System based companies where also added to this OSP Licensing system.

The Company that wants to involve to avail OSP licensing must be getting the Telecom infrastructure for the operation only from registered ISP that are valid under Indian Government Licensing system. Registration of OSPs and Telemarketers is done by the respective Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring (TERM) Cells (formerly known as VTM Cells) as per location of the OSP/Telemarketing Centre.

At Unilex Consultants we provide you a hassle free licensing process which would be dealt by our professionals within a time frame of 1 month and is subjective to governmental processing time. Our team takes care of the documentation and aids in provide you the realistic estimation of cost.

What to expect from a DoT OSP License :

  • A licensing that would be for around 20 years and in some cases the date would be mentioned clearly in case of changes.
  • Licensing for setting up BPO and other telecommunication driven services.
  • Only legal ISP must be chosen for the implementation of base infrastructure.
  • Should be used only for the purpose mentioned during licensing.
  • The mode of operation should be defined before the establishment.
  • Telecom Resources are telecom facilities used by an OSP including, but not limited to Public Switched Telecom Network, Public Land Mobile Network.

Documents required for DOT license

Certification of incorporation (Private Limited).

Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA).

Board of Resolution or Power of Attorney authorizing the authorized signatory.

Name of Business and Activities Proposed.

List of Directors.

Present Shareholding.

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29,999 /-
Inclusive all taxes

OSP Domestic/International License


31,999 /-
Inclusive all taxes

OSP Domestic/International License
GST Registration
GST return filing for 1 st quarter.


30,999 /-
Inclusive all taxes

OSP Domestic/International License
GST Registration

Procedure for Obtaining OSP DOT License


Determining Eligibility Criteria

Our experts will determine your eligibility criteria and collect all the requisite documents mandatory for getting the license.

Application Drafting and Submission.

After gathering all necessary documents, your application will get drafted and submitted to the DOT authority.

License approval

After checking the application and all other perquisite conditions, the authority will grant you a license.

Types of DOT OSP license

Business that can be established by the help of an OSP License.

Telebanking - It is a service provided by bank that enables customer to perform certain actions related to his account without any document or physical visit to bank, it also involves customer support team.

Telemedicine - Telemedicine is the process of providing emergency services and instruction over the phone for the patient’s welfare.

Tele Education - It is the process of providing education over the standard communication area and it is especially used to provide education to people at rural areas.

Tele Commerce - This is a method where the products and sales pitch are put forward using the communication medium to direct individuals.

Call center - It is a business incorporation that primarily involves the handling of calls at large quantities for business needs.

Network operation center - These are centres used for monitoring and control of traffic over the communication medium and usually established by ISP’s.

Mandatory Things required to obtain OSP License :

Compliance after obtaining DOT OSP License

Once the registration is done it is valid for 20 years unless it is mentioned otherwise.

Annual filings must be made regarding the accomplished and the current status to the OSP to stay valid on yearly basis.

The annual return for OSP License renewal must be submitted with 6 months of completion of financial year.

The cell has right inspect the premises without prior notice.

The purpose of service the audience must be mentioned say inland or abroad.

Certain conditions by OSP Cell :

FAQ’s About DOT OSP License

  • How long will the DOT OSP license valid ?

    Generally speaking an OSP License is provided for a period of 20 years, sometimes it might vary but that period would be mentioned clearly.
  • What will the inspection would consist over ?

    The Authority or its authorized representative shall have right to inspect the sites used for extending the Service and in particular but not limited to, have the right to have access to leased lines, junctions, terminating interfaces, hardware/software, memories of semiconductor, magnetic and optical varieties, wired or wireless options, distribution frames, and conduct the performance test including to enter into dialogue with the system through Input/output devices or terminals.
  • Can LLP take DOT OSP License in India?

    No LLP companies don’t fall under to meet the criteria the company must be definitely incorporated as an Private limited company in order to avail OSP licensing.
  • Is work from home option can be available for DOT OSP License ?

    Yes it is possible and the Company should do a deposit of 5 crores in prior to make this legal.
  • What is Tax treatment of DOT OSP License ?

    The billing must be GST compliant and the tax amount must be clearly mentioned during the billing process and thus collected tax should be remitted to the government.


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