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What is ESI Returns

ESI returns is something that is filed by the person who has registered for ESI and it is done on monthly basis . The ESI funds are handled by the ESI Corporation. The Regulations are based out of ESI Act 1948 which was incorporated to benefits the lives of employees who are getting salary under 15000 INR on monthly basis.

The ESI returns are filled by the companies who have employees registered for ESI. The ESI is to benefit the employees and thus it is mandatory for the company to produce the filings and they are due on quarterly basis.

The ESI is mainly for the healthcare and financial support for the employees and their families. They have set up branches across the country to help in aiding the same. If the establishment has 10 plus employees and if their salary falls under the category of 15000 INR on monthly basis.

At Unilex Consultants we help you filing your ESI returns on a monthly basis where you can avail the experts advise and service which gives you the best possible professional experience. We always believe in quick turnaround time for the benefit of our clients. You can avail our monthly ESI returns filings service and have a peace of mind.

Advantages of ESI Returns filing

Employees Welfare

It gives the organisation a moral view as they are interested in the employees welfare as much as the work they give out.

Staying Legal

ESI returns keeps the total ESI process transparent indicates what the company has actually contributed.

Sickness Benefit

Sickness Benefit represents periodical cash payments made to an IP during the period of certified sickness occurring in a benefit period when IP requires medical treatment. The amount that is given is taken from the money that is contributed for the welfare insurance on monthly basis.

Maternity Benefit

The benefit is payable in cash to an insured woman for confinement / miscarriage or sickness arising out of pregnancy / confinement or premature birth of child or miscarriage. Thus covering the medical needs pertaining to women.

Better Work Environmentn

With ESI the workplace experience gives a the piece of mind for the employees.


The public would have an better image of the company as the company is acting relevant and responsible for the workforce they are having.

Documents for ESI Returns

Attendance register

Register for Form 6

Register of wages

Register of any accidents on the premises

Inspection book

Monthly challans and returns submitted for ESI

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Inclusive all taxes

ESI return filing for employers less than 30 employees.


Inclusive all taxes

ESI return filing for employers less than 50 employees


Inclusive all taxes

ESI return filing for employers less than 70 employees

Online Procedure for filing ESI returns


Document Collection

Our ESI Expert will collect the necessary information and requisite documents for preparation of ESI return for your business.

Return Prepartion

Based on the documents and information presented, our ESI expert will prepare your ESI return and send for your approval.

Return Filing

Once the return is prepared and is verified by your side, our expert will file the same with the ESIC department.

Things to consider while doing ESI returns

  • The company has to have the past 6 months ESI contribution record that it made to the employees ESI state.
  • 1st April to 30th September and 1st October to 31st March, which has to be submitted to the nearest branch office or ESI regional commissioner on form no. 5, which is usually prefered.
  • The deadline would be over if they did not submit within 42 days of the 6 months period getting expired on the october to march basis.

FAQ’s About ESI Returns

  • What if the company fails to do proper ESI returns?

    ESI returns are mandatory for the registered company, as it indicates the track record of the company’s contribution as it falls under the taxable criteria. And it is not legal to go unfiled.
  • Will the employees have unique number ?

    Yes each employee would have a unique 17 digit number to represent their ESI hold of insurance.
  • If the employees wage gets over 15,000 INR what is the case ?

    If the wage limit has been exceeded that is over 15000 INR on per month basis now the contribution on the employers side is reduced based on the difference and is contributed now from the salary of the employee.
  • Is there a late fee added if failed to do proper payment timing?

    Yes there involves a 12% of interest on early basis of every late payment cycle calculated based on the days.
  • What does the ESI covers?

      The ESI covers the financial state, healthcare, maternity, family emergencies and pension based benefits of an employee.
  • Benefits from filing ESI Returns ?

    • The Employer contributes 4.75% of the salary’s worth and the actual 1.75% is contributed from the monthly salary of the employee which amounts to 6.5% in total on per month basis.
    • The copy enclosing all the ESI related documents must be submitted with the ESI organisation on six month basis.
    • They help in the betterment in the lives of the employees in terms of better medical benefits and lifestyle.
    • ESI is an autonomous corporation under Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. Unilex can help you obtain ESI registration for your business.
    • They can avail the benefits at the time of need pertaining to the emergency.
    • ESIC’s registered companies have to file their return annually. In which they have to show all the changes done during the preceding year.
  • How to calculate Insurance Savings in ESI returns ?

    • The ESI Scheme is financed by contributions from employers and employees. The rate of contribution by employer is 4.75% of the wages payable to employees. The employees' contribution is at the rate of 1.75% of the wages payable to an employee. Employees, earning less than Rs. 137/- a day as daily wages, are exempted from payment of their share of contribution.
    • Hence the total is 6.5 % of the salary of the person that goes against their insurance premium on monthly basis.


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