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RCMC Certificate

RCMC stands for Registration Cum Membership Certificate. The RCMC is issued by the Export Promotion Councils (EPC) to the companies that would like to indulge in the activities of imports and exports. Anyone who wants to clear legal process for the purpose of authorised import/export must go through the RCMC certificate. The procedure for RCMC is still manual hence it has to be carried out online, so there might be delays involved. (Importer Exporter Code) IEC holder submits the RCMC certificate in physical form to concerned Regional authority. RCMC details are keyed in into Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) Importer Exporter Code database.

An exporter in need of acquiring a export activity, must apply for the Registration Cum Membership Certificate by declaring the line of business i.e the niche that he/she belongs to in terms of business overview to the respective Export Promotion Council in order to avail the legal clearance to carry over the set activity.

At Unilex Consultants we provide you a hassle free licensing process which would be dealt by our professionals within a time frame of 1 month and is subjective to governmental processing time. Our team takes care of the documentation and aids in provide you the realistic estimation of cost.

Advantages of getting RCMC Certificate

Reaching abroad

With the RCMC certificate your business can reach different parts of the world.

Recognition in field

The company would have considerable recognition in the line of their function as they would be dealing with brands outside India.

Proper Resources to research

It provides you with proper way to research a product line in the field of operation.

Export Benefit

A company that has availed the RCMC certificate can cherish the benefits of exports by claiming, which are not valid if not tied with RCMC registration.

More opportunities

By being a part of the council the company is opened for offshore offers for business thus would be a boost in revenue generation.

International Community

As a result of the product reaching wider audience more people would be aware and small communities would be formed at different places.

Documents for RCMC Certificate

Digital signature certificate.

Import-Export Code certificate.

A certificate from a Chartered Accountant.

Directors proof of address and IDs.

MSME registration certificate, if available.

Membership fee.

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Procedures for obtaining RCMC Certificate


Registration of Administrator with DGFT (one time)


Consolidation of RCMC data from various branches/offices of EPC


Creation of RCMC data file in predefined format


RCMC transmission status updation at EPC end.


Uploading of the file


Digitally signing the file optional)

What to expect from a RCMC Certificate:

  • The Certificate that i provided would be valid for a period of 5 years which would start from the April 1st of the year of application and ends in the month of march 5 years later.
  • There won’t be a change in the validation period if until it is mentioned otherwise.
  • Incase of change in the leadership of the incorporation.
  • The Company involving the export activity must report the revenue generated on quarterly basis to the Export Promotion cell.
  • Incase of any over the rule activities are noted they can issue the halt of activities and the reason would be provided in terms of documentation to the incorporation.

FAQ’s About RCMC Certificate

  • What is the validity of Licensing ?

    The license that has been issued also known as the Registration cum Membership Certification would be spanning over a period of 20 years, this is the norm and if there is an otherwise situation it would be mentioned clearly.
  • Is it important to choose the right council ?

    Yes it is, the primary play here is that we need to approach the right line of business rules and the council and the certification would only be provided by them.
  • Will the operation susceptible to inspection ?

    In a nutshell yes, the exporting would be subjected to inspection and rules criteria and if they are not to standards or legal, the certificate is deregistered.
  • How to register again ?

    The business can appeal with the documentation that was provided to them as the reason of the deregistration, and can proceed further and if all goes well the certification woudl be reinstated.
  • Should the reports be given ?

    Yes, Quarterly submission of the data and the revenue generated must be submitted with the respective Export Promotion council in order to stay legal.
  • How to find the right export council?

      As the export might involve wide range of products being cycled it is essential to find the right line of council and proceed via that line of work. As mentioned above there are 26 Export councils and 9 Commodities present in India. Only these institution are authorised to provide the company with the license to carry the export. The primary thing to note here is that, the rules might vary and standardisation would to as there are wide range of products to be addressed. If the categories are not correctly satisfied they can apply with Federation of Indian Exports Organizations (FIEO). They rules would be a bit different in the route of FIEO so the information we put forward is to formatted according their set of rules.
  • What is FTP compliance?

      The term FTP stands for Foreign Trade Policy, they are set of standards put forward by the Indian Government in order to promote Indian export and eventually minimise the importing of products. They would involve Tariff, export quota and subsidy from the government’s end. They would vary with the line of business. But, FTP has an involvement in the EPC regarding the setup.


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