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Trade license in Delhi

A trade license is a one which would be issued by the Government Authority to a company or an individual, that would specify that the person or the company is valid to conduct trade in the set geographical area where the Government jurisdiction is present and is in control of. The process of obtaining a Trade License is not a simple hence advise of a consultancy or lawyer is a must, as there would be multiple licensing involved along with registration and certification. The number of licensing that would come to play would vary with the field of the business and factors as such.

Even for Trade licensing in a single location, there are certain procedures to follow and there would be multiple licensing involved. The factors that would contribute to the licensing would be the physical address, number of employees in the company, the form of Ownership like sole proprietor or corporation. Government agencies can fine or close a business operating without the required business licenses.

There are also localised licensing where it would vary upon the actual geographical area driven taxation etc. The licensing is issued in order to make sure that the actual business ensures that it does not affect adversely the health of the citizens and the quality is standardised across the system.

At Unilex Consultants we provide you a hassle free licensing process which would be dealt by our professionals within a time frame of 7-8 working days and is subjective to governmental processing time. Our team takes care of the documentation and aids in provide you the realistic estimation of cost.

Advantages of getting Trade License

Public Opinion

Acts as a way to save from public view as the rules are established beforehand.

Geographical driven access

In the Trade Licensing the business is securing the business access and unlocking the market based on areas.

Tax Rights

Provides you with limited taxability as the company and personal taxes exists as separate entity.

Information Access

Provides wide range of information access and reach as result of the licensing which wouldn’t have been possible if approached normally as a company.

Legal Proofing

Gives the clarity that the activities followed are not abiding the law and the company is following safety regulations for the employees and as well as general public.

Safety Standards

It ensures that the safety standards are established and maintained for the benefit of the public and the employees involved.

Documents required of Trade License

PAN card for the incorporation like eg LLP or Private Limited.

Bank Statement along with a cheque that is crossed out.

Certificate of Incorporation that was acquired initially.

Proof pertaining to the office like the sales deed, electricity or water bills and as such

Owner/ Neighbour NOC

CTS extract (City Survey extract) & map.

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Procedure for obtaining Trade License


Application filing

The application is filled with the apt data and it then applied for filing with the respective authority and the respective acknowledgement is submitted back to the government.

Preparation and inspection

The location that is entitled for legal licensing would be thrown under inspection along with the clearance with departments and the same would vary with the field and state where the licensing is sought after.

Submitting the documents and obtaining licensing

3-5 working days

The respective inspection clearance documents are submitted and the governmental procedures are taken care by over experts after which the license would be provided.

Unique features pertaining to Trade Licensing

The application must be done 3 months prior to the actual business operation time.

The license would be time frame based, i.e it must be renewed periodically to stay legal.

The licensing must be done even before storing / stocking or exchange of the material or activity.

The licenses are issued by the authorized departments of the municipal corporations which issue licenses in consultation with other specialized consultative departments like, the Fire Brigade, Health, Engineering,

The license would be valid only based on the location it is obtained for and the reuse is not legal.

Renewal must be applied at a minimum of 30 days before the actual expiry date of the present license.

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