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TM Renewal in India

The validity of a trademark registration in India is for the tenure of 10 years from the date of its registration, after the expiry of which it has to get renewed by filing a trademark renewal online along with the requisite fee to the registrar of trademark. Every proprietor who has registered its brand name and is using the same since years must get its trademark renewed after every 10 years otherwise he shall loose all the protection and privileges that comes along with the trademark registration.

The owners or holders of all registered trademarks and service marks are inevitably required to renew the registration of their respective mark well within the prescribed period, at the domestic or international level. A renewal application should be made before expiration of the mark according to prescribed trademark renewal fees, otherwise additional fees is levied in the process and the same is liable to be removed from the registry of trademark.

Unilex being the professionally managed firm gets your trademark renewal within 1-2 working days. Our professionals help in estimating the cost of TM renewal, documents required and hassle free procedure.

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Consequences of failure to renew trademark

    - If a trademark is not renewed on time than it will certainly lead to abandonment and the proprietor who was enjoying the protection and legal rights of his brand name will loose all the benefit of exclusiveness. It will not only affect the legal rights of the proprietor but every person who has either been assigned the mark or licensed to use the same. Therefore, in order to enjoy the exclusiveness and uphold the legal position, the mark should be renewed on time.

Unique Features of of TM renewal

    - Everything to know about TM Renewal
    - Trademark renewal governs under section 25 of the Trademark Act, 1999 and its prescribed rules. Renewal of trademark has to be applied for before its expiration. Even after the period of 6 months of the expiration, the application for the renewal can be made with payment of additional fee called surcharge. If the mark is not renewed even after 6 months from the expiration then the mark is liable to be removed from the register of trademarks. Once the mark has been removed on account of non renewal then a ap

FAQs About TM renewal

Is trademark Renewal done online?
Yes, trademark renewal is completely an online procedure.
When the trademark has to be renewed?
The trademark has to be renewed before the expiration of the period of registration that is 10 years.
What is the fees for renewal of trademark?
With coming of the trademark rules, 2017, the fees for trademark renewal has been increased to Rs 9000/-.
Can the trademark be renewed even after the expiration?
Yes, it can be renewed after the expiration but not after 6 months, otherwise the same will be removed.
What is to be done, if the trademark has been removed?
Then, in that case a restoration application has to be filed.
Within how many days the trademark is renewed?
With Unilex you can renew your trademark within 3-4 working days.

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