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What is Design Registration

The term defines refers to the features of pattern, ornamentation, shape, configuration, ornamentation or composition of lines or colors in two or three dimensional forms. The initial design registration act was passed on 2000 and the latest amendment was bestowed on 2014 December, 30. A design would adds an aesthetic value in commercial standpoint hence for an industrial purpose design acts as a major selling point as it can be used as an Unique Selling Point. Only original designs can be registered and there must be no plagiarism involved. They are solely judged in terms of pure looks.

Usually the validity for a registered would be 10 years and in case of any infringement happening then can be legally resolved. Design would be given an extension period of another 5 years in terms of renewal. They can be ranging from 2D to 3D design with or without intricate patterns.

At Unilex Consultants we provide you a hassle free Design registration process which would be dealt by our professionals within a time frame of 4-5 working days and is subjective to governmental processing time. Our team takes care of the documentation and aids in provide you the realistic estimation of cost.

Advantages of Design Registration


It can be used to prove that you hold the rights for the set design with the royalty and protection it would offer for the owner.


As the designs are recorded and listed, none of the competitors in the same niche can use the same design for the product they would be designing.


It provides a great target to capture as none can use the same design hence, with a proper strategy the market can be captures.


The 10 years period can be extended further 5 years in terms of the renewal that can be done.

Commercial Value

The design would add an commercial value to the industry, which brings in more sales and credibility.


It would create brand awareness as the design would turn into an USP which inturn creates loyal audience base.

Documents For Design Registration

Full name, address and nationality of applicant / applicants.

Photographs / drawings of article showing different poses from all angles, five copies of each pose.

Power of Attorney

List of countries to claim the priority, if any, where the application / applications for design has / have been filed, along with date and application number.

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Design registration for individuals


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Design registration for other than small entity


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Design registration for small entity

Procedure for Design Registration


Obtaining The Information

1-2 working days

Our design expert will collect the necessary information and the documents required for the design registration from your side to initiate the process..

Application Preparation & Submission

2-3 working days

Once, the design registration application is prepared and signed by you, we will electronically file it with the Design Registrar.

Document Submission

1-2 working days

Once the application is filed, it is then examined by the Government Design Office and objections, if any, are raised thereto. Once the objections are complied with, the application is accepted and a certificate of registration is issued.

Mandatory requirements for Design Registration

A design should be new or original

Significantly distinguishable from known design or a combination of known designs

Not comprise or contain scandalous or obscene matter

Not be a mere mechanical contrivance.

Be applied to an article and should appeal to the eye.

Not be contrary to the public order

Terms of Design Registration And Renewal

Primarily, design registration confers this right for ten years from the date of registration. This initial period of design registration may be extended by further period of five years.

The design is renewed after ten years from the date of application.

FAQ’s About Design Registration

  • What is design registration?

    The term design registration defines refers to the features of pattern, ornamentation, shape, configuration, ornamentation or composition of lines or colours in two or three dimensional forms. The initial design registration act was passed on 2000 and the latest amendment was bestowed on 2014 december 30.
  • Why go with Design Registration?

    1. Design Registration allows the concept of SET which is for products that are to be used in conjunction with each other.
    2. Provides Statutory right on the basis of location based registration.
    3. Prevents the copy of design and the production of first copy products that have similar design to cheat on the consumers.
    4. Provides a enjoyable rights of 10 years.
    5. Adds a USP for your product.
    6. It can be considered as a asset and can be licensed which means it holds an legal and monitorial value.
  • What is the object of registration of Designs?

      Object of the Designs Act is to protect new or original designs so created to be applied or applicable to particular article to be manufactured by Industrial Process or means. Sometimes purchase of articles for use is influenced not only by their practical efficiency but also by their appearance. The important purpose of design Registration is to see that the artisan, creator, originator of a design having aesthetic look is not deprived of his bonafide reward by others applying it to their goods.
  • How long will it be valid once registration is done?

    Usually, it is valid for 10 years and after that it can renewed to be extended for a period of 5 years.
  • Who can apply for registration?

    Any person claiming to be the proprietor of any new or original design, not previously published in any country and which is not contrary to public order or morality, may apply for the registration of the same. An agent appointed for the same may also apply for registration on the behalf of the owner.
  • How the infringements can be dealt?

      The infringements can be dealt legally, the compensation etc would be decided based on the level of infringements but at the core protection is provided.
  • What to expect from Design Registration?

    1. Design would add an commercial value to the product hence it is registered for usage.
    2. It can be a new or old design but should not belong to anyone else previously when registering as a fresh new design.
    3. Provides exclusive rights for the design.
    4. Adds an commercial value to the company when a design is registered.
    5. It does not deal with composition and only deals with the aesthetics of the product / material.
    6. The design should not invoke controversy in the public point of view.


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