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GST e way bill is an electronic bill that is mandatory for the transporters to carry when moving goods from one place to another place when certain conditions are satisfied. As per the rules of E-way bill, the e-way bill format in GST compromises in two parts – Parts A and Parts B. The part An of E-way bill in Form EWB 01 aims to collect the details of consignment, and associated details such as GSTIN of the receipt, place of delivery, challan number or invoice, HSN code, value of goods, reasons for transportation and transport document number. In part B in from EWB 02 aims to collect vehicle number in which goods are transported. With respect to the E-way bill, three kinds of users are involved registered suppliers, registered/unregistered transporters and unregistered suppliers. Users are required to register at the e-way portal to generate e-way bill. A GST registered person is not allowed to transport goods without an GST e way bill that is generated on Alternatively, an e-way can also be generated or cancelled through SMS and Android. Keep in mind, a registered GST person can e-way generate e-way bill when there is movement of goods is more or less than Rs. 50,000, where transporters carrying goods and transport it through roads and rails also need to generate e-way bill. The validity of an e-way bill depends on the distance to be travelled by the goods. For a distance of less than 100 Km, the bill will be valid for a day from the relevant date. In the event, when the goods cannot be transported within a relevant date under these circumstances you can cancel your e-way bill hassle free.

One of the crucial issues that is often faced by the registered, unregistered and transporters is that assigning the responsibility for generating e-way bill. As one of the leading law firm, we are here to help them regarding GST e-way bill generating a request. Whether you need our help to generate e-way bill for transporting goods to another place or to cancel it. Feel free to call us any time, we are always there for you to help you regarding a legal issue.

Documentation for filing GST E-way bill


Invoice/ challan related to the consignment number.


Transport ID, transport document number, and date on the document.



Process involved in registering a GST E-way Bill Registration



Send Documents: First, you send the documents that are required for generating the e-way bill.



Generation- Once we receive your documents we fill part A and Part B e-way bill form.



Update: We update the Part B within 72 hours.



E-way issued: When all the formalities execute successfully, we deliver generated e-way bill at your email.

Consequences of not carrying GST e-way bill

    - The consequences of not carrying e-way can result in non-mandatory losses to the taxpayers:
    - Monetary Penalty: Transporting goods from one place to another place without an e-way bill can result in a monetary penalty of Rs. 10,000. Whether you are a registered, unregistered transporter it is monetary for you to generate an e-way bill to save yourself from the monetary penalty.
    - Detention and Seizure: In the event when a vehicle is inspected to be transporting goods without e-way bill can be detained and seized and would be released only on the payment that will be decided by an officer.
    - Other Consequences: Apart from a penalty and detain consequences, transporters who transfer goods from one place to another place without e-way bill can face other embarrassing situations. To ignore these embarrassing situations, it is vital to use the e-way bill while transporting goods.

FAQs About GST-E-way-bill

By the GST If the goods are seized specialists notwithstanding when it is joined by Tax Invoice and E-way Bill, just on the uncertainty of grouping of merchandise and Tax Tariff?
No. The number of rules doesn't set out the conditions or grounds of seizure or confinement of vehicle. The comprehension is that anything (solid proof) that makes doubt the correct officer about conceivable tax avoidance can prompt seizing of the vehicle.
Who should generate an e-way bill?
When a registered or unregistered person causes a movement of transportation of goods in his/her vehicle or hired vehicle or railways or air or by ship to generate the e-way bill.
When should e-way bill issue?
Ideally, e-Way Bill ought to be created before the initiation of development of products over the estimation of INR 50,000.The movements of products will be either about a supply/reasons other than supply (like return)/internal supply from an unregistered individual. For purposes behind an e-Way Bill, supply is considered either an installment throughout business/an installment which may not be over the span of business/no thought of installment (on account of trade/trade).
Is e-Way bill required, if the estimation of shipment per client every day surpasses Rs 50,000? By what means will we take numerous invoices under the single e-way bill? Here, it depends whether the provider himself is the transporter or not. In the event that he is the transporter, at that point he is required to create the e-way bill for every one of the solicitations yet in the event that not, at that point the transporter will be required to produce the e-way bill against every one of the invoices in th
Here, it depends whether the provider himself is the transporter or not. In the event that he is the transporter, at that point he is required to create the e-way bill for every one of the solicitations yet in the event that not, at that point the transporter will be required to produce the e-way bill against every one of the invoices in the Vehicle.
How to generate the e-way bill?
E-way Bills are generated either by means of online e-way charge system or SMS. The bill should be created before the beginning of the movement of products about supply/reasons other than supply/internal supply from an unregistered individual. [Supply being characterized clearance of merchandise and installment made/branch exchange/deal or exchange].

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