Cancellation of GST registration

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Surrender of GST registration

GST is an indirect tax that came in India on 1st July 2017. This indirect tax is for the whole nation that would make India one unified common market. This tax levied on the supply of goods and services. It also replaced many taxes that previously existed in India. In case your business does not require GST registration or your business is closing down then you can apply for cancellation of GST registration.

Once the application for GST registration is made to the department, the taxpayer will not be liable to file GST returns anymore and will not bear any penalties or face consequence for non filing of returns.

Documentation for surrendering the GST


Applicant PAN card


GST Certificate


Class 2 DSC of applicant



Process involved in registering a Cancellation of GST registration



Getting Documents: Our experts will get in touch with you for the relevant documents for the GST surrender.



Filing GST cancellation: Once all the documents received by us, we will file your application of GST cancellation.



Department Verification: Once your application is received by the GST department, it will be scrutinized and certification of cancellation will be issued in few days.

Cancellation of GST registration

Cancellation of GST means when a taxpayer is no more eligible for paying GST charges. Apart from eligibility, there are many other reasons for cancelling GST registration.

  • 1. A person’s business has been discounted or give one’s business to another person because of personal or professional reason.
  • 2. There is any change in the constitution of the business.
  • 3. A taxable person has voluntarily taken registration under subsection (3) of section 25 act.
  • 4. Of section 25 has not commenced business within six months after GST registration.
  • 5. Any GST registered person under composition levy has not furnished returns for three consecutive tax periods.
  • 6. Registration has been obtained illegally.
Consequences of Cancellation of GST registration

    - Taxable will not pay GST anymore.
    - GST registration is compulsory for certain business. Once a business operator cancels the GST registration he will not able to use any GST policies. In case, after cancellation, still he runs his business, it will mean an offense and heavy penalties will apply.

FAQs About Cancellation of GST registration

Who can cancel the GST Registration?
Each individual who was enlisted under old laws needed to compulsory relocates to GST. Numerous such people are not obligated to be enrolled under GST. For instance, the limit under VAT is many states was 5 Lakhs and whereas in GST was 20 Lakhs. In any case, do ensure you are not making inter-state supplies since registration is mandatory for between state providers expect for service providers. Such a taxpayer can directly submit an application form from the official GST portal. The proper officer shall, after conducting an inquiry as required will cancel the GST registration.
Who all cannot file for cancellation of GST registration?
The following people cannot file for cancellation of GST registration: 1. Persons registered as Tax Deductors / Tax Collectors 2. Persons to whom UIN has been allotted
Can I file for amendment of Non-Core fields after applying for cancellation of GST registration?
Yes. Once you have submitted the application for cancellation of registration, and ARN has been generated, you can file for amendment of Non-Core fields.

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