It is mandatory for all food business operators to avail the request for FSSAI license if there business deals with production, processing, manufacture, selling, import, export, distribution of food and it includes dairy business, hotels, restaurants, and meat processing.

As the demand of consumers for high-quality based food products is rapidly increasing, so governing bodies are also become proactive to regulate food safety and standard. Nowadays regular inspection by the food authority in the storage and restaurants are being conducted to keep FBO’s on their toes, to deliver fresh, healthy and safe food products. Moreover, consumers also becoming more and more conscious about health so they will not easily settle with the fancy marketing program. They need authentic surety from the FBO’s and that will be given by showing FSSAI license.

FSSAI Licence Benefits:

•    FSSAI stands for Food Standards and Safety Authority of India. It is a supreme authority which is responsible for regulating food standards. This authority work under the Ministry of health and family welfare. And it is considered as a boon for both food business operators and consumers.

•    In this age of knowledge, not only consumers but also food operators have begun to take the food safety standard safety seriously. FSSAI enforce food safety and hygiene standards at food businesses. One of the best advantages of FSSAI registration is that this license can assist you to ascertain your name and qualification to grow your new business with ease. Along with that, this license helps FBO’s to get a loan from the banks at reliable interest rates.

•    FSSAI license certifies that food is tested and it follows the certain hygiene benchmark, which is set by the government. Hence, this license may create easier for you to assure your consumers that you are offering healthy and safe food products.

Punishment of carrying on business without food license Registration:

The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 strictly restrict any individual or food operator to connect with manufacturing, selling, distribution, or import of any food products without FFSAI license, discipline with detainment for a half year and also with a fine of Rs. 5,00,000. If the person is covered under sub-section (2), Section 21 for any non-compliance, will be liable to a penalty, not exceeding rupees Rs. 25000. Anyone who adds false information about his food business to get approval for a food license will be punished with an imprisonment term up to three months along with 2 lakh  FSSAI penalty charges.

Anyone either by themselves or through any other person on their behalf sell, export, import, store any food product which is considered to be sub-standard food, will be liable to a penalty of 2 Lakh.

Anyone either themselves, or through any other person sell, manufacture, export, import, and store food which is injuries to health, will be liable to a penalty of Up to 10 Lakh. 

Keep in mind, under the act all the employees engaged in the offense along with the company are pronounced guilty and charges against them. If a company has multiple branches than head office must be targeted for misconduct.

It is mandatory that the penalty should be submitted to FSSAI penalty charges as earliest as possible to avoid further consequences.

Before worrying about penalty charges of FSSAI, you will have to be worried about the consumers’ health. Due to providing inferior food quality, they will not buy your brand and never suggest anyone consume your food products. As food is a very sensitive subject so, it is worth to mention that, always manufacture, sell, distribute, export, import and store food product that is safe and healthy for the consumers.

Who does not require FSSAI?

Any small food operator who manufactures or sells any food product himself, or a pretty retailer, seller, nomad merchant, or distributor food in any temple, serving food in social gathering aside from a cook are exempted from FSSAI license and FSSAI renewal. However, it is compulsory for them to register with the Food Authority. Yearly turnover of these food business operators is less than 12 lakhs. When these petty food business operators register with food authority, certification of registration will be provided to them.

Documents required for FSSAI license:

1 Food business operators are requested to provide blueprint or layout of the processing unit while doing FSSAI online registration.

2 They also need to submit the list of directors or partners with full address and contact details.

3 Mention list of machinery along with their number and installed capacity.

4 In the case of manufacture, you have to mention the type of raw material along with the capacity of ingredients.

5 Submit authority letter with name and address of responsible person nominated by the manufacturer along with that alternative responsible person name who will assist food inspector during the inspection.

6 FBO’s have to submit analyze chemical and bacteriological reports of water to be used in food while preparing food. This point is only for food manufacturer not for retailers, suppliers or any other food operator.

7 A copy of sale deed, rental agreement, and electricity bill.

8 FBO’s also have to submit a copy of the certificate obtained under co-opt Act 1861/ Multistate Co-Op Act 2002 for co-operative.

9 If you have packed drinking water business you have to submit the pesticide residues report.

10 If you have a business of meat processing you have to mention the source of raw material.

11 If you have a business of food import and export you have to document issued by DGFT (dealing with import and export).

Final thoughts:

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