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ISO 45001 certification is the new global standard for occupational health and safety. It provides robust and effective set of processes of improving work safety standard in global supply chains. Its world’s first International Standard for occupational health and safety. The sole purpose of this standard to help organisations of all sizes and industries. It is expected to reduce workplace injuries, improve employee safety, create better safer environment and reduce illness around the world.

ISO 45001 certification standard is intended to be applicable to any organization regardless of its size, type and nature. The standard was developed by the committee of occupational health and safety experts, and follows other generic management system approaches such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. It was based on the earlier international standards such as OHSAS 18001 and the International Labour Organization’s ILO- OSH Guidelines and the International Labour Standards and Conventions.

What does ISO 45001 mean for your company?

The introduction of ISO 45001 standard is a cause for a celebration of health and safety professionals. But what does the new standard practically mean for health and safety professional here in India or beyond? And how important it is?

ISO 45001 standard provides a real opportunity for the profile of health and safety to be enhanced across organizations in any sector. The importance of ISO 45001 also lies in its focus on controlling “ all the  factors that might result in illness, injury and extreme cases of death”.

An organization activities can pose a risk of injury or illness and can result in a serious impartment of health. Consequently it is important for the organizations to eliminate or minimize its risk by taking appropriate preventive measures.

It should not matter if your business is micro business or a global conglomerate. As long as your organization has people who are working on your behalf; you need to take some precautions and safety measure to offer them reliable and safe working environment.

ISO 45001; A Game Changer;

As per the calculation by the International Labour Organization, 2.7 million fatal accidents occurs at work yearly. This means that, every day 7000 workers die due to work related activities. Additionally there are some 374 million non-fatal work related injuries and illness each year. ISO provides governmental agencies, industry and other affected stakeholders with usable guidance or improving worker safety in countries around the world. By means easy-to-use framework, it can be applied to both captive and partner factories and production facilities, regardless of their locations.

David Smith, chair of project committee ISO/PC 283 that developed ISO, believes the new International Standard will be real game changer for millions of workers. It hoped that ISO 45001 will lead to a major transformation in workplace practices and reduce the tragic toll of work related accidents and illness across the globe. The new standard will help organizations provide safe and healthy work environment for workers and visitors by continually improving their OH and S performance.

What are the benefits of ISO 45001 Standard?

Position your business as industry leader: By introducing the most renowned occupational and health safety standard, your organization will be seen an elite category of business, and be internationally recognized. It is a level of excellence that is acknowledged worldwide and help to set you apart from customers.

Increases Trust: By demonstrating that you are actively facilitating continuous improvement of your employees’ morale, safety and performance, it will enable people to trust you and you social accountable for staff well-being. Being transparent and promoting your social responsibilities can have huge impacts on the public and your employee as well.

Consistency means efficiency: ISO 45001 standard creates and organization built around the best practice. The is mirrored across the company and set a standard for managing risks. Having, a strong, consistent standard means that the organization is more efficient than other.

Improves individual efficiency as well as organisational:  ISO 45001 standard is widely anticipated by the global business community because it address the personal health and safety risk to the individual of any process or use of machinery within an organization. This relates both to the mental health and physical safety.

Some other Benefits of ISO 45001 Standard:

Developing and implementing and OH&S policy and OH & S objectives.

Establishing systematic process which consider its “context” and which take into account its risk and opportunities.

Establishing operational controls to manage its OH &S risks and its legal and other legal requirements.

Improving its ability to respond to regulatory compliance issues.

Reducing the overall costs of incident.

Reducing downtime and the cost of disruption to operations.

Implementing ISO 45001 standard helps your organization prevent risks as opposed to reacting to them one they are dedicated by others.

Determining hazards and risk associated with the working activities.

ISO 45001 vs ISO 18001:

Because ISO 45001 is designed to integrate with other ISO management system standards, ensuring high level of compatibility with the new version of ISO 9001 standard (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) businesses that already implement an ISO standard will have a leg up if you decide to work towards ISO 45001 standard.

The new OH and S standard depends on the basic components found in the majority of the ISO standards and uses a simple please do check act, which provides the framework for the organization to plan what they need to put in place in order to minimize the risk of harm. The measure should address concerns that lead to long term health issues and absence of work. ISO 45001 will replace OHSAS 18001 standard, the world former reference for workplace health and safety. If you want to introduce ISO 45001 standard in your organization you can take the help of our company. At, Unilex consultant we will help you in introducing ISO 45001 standard certification at your organization. 

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