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What are copyright, trademarks and patents?

A long time ago when computing was given when users were related to the manufacturers that were the manufacturers of computers and therefore also the software in which it is essential to use through very specific and strict contracts. In what was in the 60`s when it began what was the cheapening of the costs of computers began to fall and began looking to get what was a process to apply what is legislation for being able to have software copyright. Currently, we are beginning to try what is very fundamental for American multinational companies, where the software industry begins to register according to what are patent rights.

What is copyright?

Well, the copyright is, above all, a set of legal norms and principles that regulate or monitor the moral and patrimonial rights that the law grants to those who are authors (the author's rights), with the sole fact that they have done a creation of one of a work as literary, artistic, musical, scientific or didactic, whether it begins to be published or unpublished. Well mainly this is a public recognition of something that is believed to be determined as a good so much could be cult, scientific, artistic, dynamic, etc., therefore this means that it has been produced or created by a certain author.

What this means is going to produce what is a protection for the person who has created something then this is going to fall into what is the hands of the legislation on what intellectual property is that nobody can modify their creation or misuse it. That is why it is very important to highlight what is the difference between brands and patents in which they will be discussed below:

What is a brand?

A brand is an item that we as consumers recognize as such. In which a product that has been covered with such a very attractive garment that achieves that the product is desired or attractive the one that begins to ask or demand, with greater preference than other products. Good in if the brand is, symbol, design the name or term, or a combination of them, in which it is assigned to a product or a service, therefore who is your direct response. All this is the one who has the duty to make it known, to identify and of course, know how to differentiate from what the competition is; must in which it has to guarantee its best quality and constant improvement.

Good in itself a mark refers to what is a denomination in which one begins to refer in what is a sign or a material medium in which it can be either any class or form in which it helps us to distinguish a product of others that are similar. So the mark that has an owner, only these can be in fact one of the most active mains of what is a campaign. For example, companies such as Coca-Cola or the English court, these companies spend what is a large part of their budget (of their money) with the simple reason to take care of and more than anything to promote what their brands are.

Many ask the question of how to get what is a brand? Well, all this is very laborious since there are what a series of requirements, which are dependent on the public administrators of each country in which they maintain which is a detailed record of the trademarks as well as for example are trade names, labels etc. in which each article has grouped what is the selection of brands.

How to claim a brand?

Well, when it happens to occur these types of cases do what is a dispute is to defend the existing brand where this comes into the hands of the judge where it begins to investigate or resolve the disagreement of the discussion to see who owns it. These types of cases usually arise a lot, which they take to the trial of this type to claim what is theirs. To be able to name what a brand is, one must need too much imagination and, of course, so that it is possible to promote the brand in a pursued end for the public so that the company can fence creating its reputation and therefore no another company of these should have the right to promote or enjoy it.

What is a patent?

First, a patent is what a set of rights exclusively granted by a state that is the inventor of when it makes its new creation or product so that it can be exploited industrially clear that this will be for what is a determined period.

Benefits of a patent:

These are some arguments in which we benefit from a patent in which he gives his inventor which are the following:

This begins with what is creativity as the main reason for its author or inventor where he knows that he has a protection of his creation in which he will last for 20 years and he will be the only one to exploit it.

If in what is the trade or industry and what is a success, this is where the inventor begins to see the benefit that is with the position are the licenses in what his exploitation does in which he decides if he wants to grant to third parties.

Due to what is the creation that was made to this activity this does not mean that it was saved or that they want to say that it is only used to avoid what is its industrial exploitation, well here only the inventor should always be the one who should give to know, publish and give an explanation of the benefits granted by his invention. On the other hand, in the government in which it intervenes through patents in which it promotes the creation of inventions of what is the industrial application, where it starts to promote what is the development and exploitation of the industry and commerce, as well as what is the transfer of technology.

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