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What is a brand?

A brand is a sign that distinguishes a service or product from others of its same class or branch. It can be represented by a word, numbers, a symbol, a logo, a design, a sound, an odour, texture, or a combination of these. For trademark purposes, the types and classes of trademarks must be distinguished. The brand is undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets of a company, although it becomes an intangible asset that is not reflected in the financial statements.

That is why protecting your brand becomes a fundamental step for any entrepreneur, regardless of the size of your company. It must be remembered that the brand is the sign with which a person, be it physical or legal, distinguishes the products that he sells from those of other people.

How does it work?

The companies join an industrial community, which brings suppliers and buyers closer together. No matter the size of your company, once you meet the pre-qualification standards of the community, your company accesses the online supplier base visible to the buyers. The process begins with an online registration and the sending of a central questionnaire. This gives us detailed information, including the products and services you offer.

The second level of pre-qualification or audit is necessary in some cases according to the requirements of the buyers.

Generate new business

Once you are a member of the community, you can begin to enjoy the benefits, including being contacted by new buyers. Through the communities, suppliers can promote themselves to a wide range of purchasing companies that would not include them among their potential buyers if they were not registered. This includes local and, in some cases, regional and/or global markets. Your information can be seen by all the buyers in the community, which helps raise your profile and enhance opportunities to increase revenue for your company.

Saving time

Time is money, as the old saying goes, and one of the most inefficient and costly parts of the Tenders are usually to complete all the buyers' pre-qualification questionnaires. By joining a company should only send the information once, and it is published to all buyers centrally on our platform. This improves efficiency, reducing administrative time and effort, allowing resources to be redirected to activities of greater added value.

Show your standards

By completing the independent verification, you can demonstrate that your company is reliable to conduct business. Being part of the community allows buyers to know that you meet certain standards. In fact, many companies use stamps as part of their marketing programs. When in your commercial strategy you think that the name of your business or product is going to play a very important role, you should protect it to avoid that the competition can take it away from you. It is an important element to differentiate yourself, capture the attention of your customers and generate loyalty on your part. One of the most important decisions when starting your business is to be able to define the type of company you are going to create since this will depend on your business development with possible legal, fiscal, accounting and administrative impacts.

Nowadays, there are many companies that have not registered with the Tax Administration System and this is very important since one of the main benefits that it will give you is the ability to acquire credits to grow your business. This will also allow you to access a more powerful market than the informal sector since you will have business networks that connect you with new suppliers and customer In this article, you will find information about the different denominations that you can register: the one that gives the name to the brand of your products or services, the commercial name of your business and the internet domains that you use.

If you create a company, the first thing you will have to register is the name of the company, known as the company name. While most companies understand the interest in using brands to differentiate their products from those of their competitors, not all are aware of the importance of protecting them through registration. Given the influence that a brand can have in determining the success of a product in the market, it is essential that it be given adequate protection.

The trademark is protected by registering it in the corresponding state office. The importance of the registration of a trademark is that from that moment the protection of the same is born through civil and criminal actions in the case that third parties infringe the use of it. The registration of a trademark gives the company the exclusive right to prevent third parties from marketing identical or similar products with the same trademark or using a trademark that is so similar as to create confusion, in terms similar to patents.

For the rest, if the company does not register the trademark, other companies could use (knowingly or without being aware of it) for products the same sign or a similar sign that leads to confusion. Your competitors could adopt a similar or identical brand and take advantage of the reputation and relationships you have created with your customers and business associates. This will not only decrease the profits of the company and confuse its customers, but it will damage its reputation and image, especially if the rival products are of inferior quality.

Any infringement in the field of trademarks can be asserted before the courts, which in most judicial systems have the power to impose measures to prevent this type of infringement. In addition, it is much easier to grant a license on a registered trademark to other companies, which would represent an additional source of income. Brands can also be subject to franchise agreements. A brand that enjoys a good reputation among consumers can also be used to obtain financing from financial institutions, which are increasingly aware that the commercial success of companies depends to a large extent on brands.

Therefore, although it is not mandatory, it is highly advisable to register a trademark for the exclusive and exclusive rights granted.

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